The Joy of Reading

At the beginning of the year I made an intention to read more for 2024. In fact, I made it a goal to read 52 books this year. It wasn’t that I hadn’t been reading prior, but I felt like I had gotten out of touch with it and I am firm believer that reading is one of the most important things you should be incorporating into your every day. Kind of like brushing your teeth, the benefits of reading are astounding and it seems like a no brainer to me, that if something can be so beneficial, it needs to be incorporated into your daily routine.

So far I have read twenty-seven books with another one most likely being added to the list if not today, definitely by tomorrow morning.

My initial attempt was one book a week but I knew that the end goal wasn’t really what mattered – it was the process to get there. The end goal was set in order to help set a habit. If I made the attempt at one book a week, I would at least be picking up a book a few times a week, which meant I would be reading far more than what I had the year previous. Even if I just got in fifteen minutes, I knew that was a win.

However, surprisingly, my small intention, far exceeded what I would have expected for myself…

What started out as fifty-two books a year, fifteen minutes a day, has turned into a love and hobby I didn’t think I had. You see, sometimes as we grow up we stick labels on ourselves. My label? I am not a reader. I truthfully don’t know where this label really came from. I think because I didn’t read as much as one of my sisters I labeled myself with it, or society did, but regardless I had this notion in my head that I wasn’t a reader. Yet, looking back over these last few years I can say that label has definitely shifted and it was through this intention for myself that I feel very confident in saying I AM A READER.

In fact, I am a new found lover of books and have no intention of stopping.

At first, I thought I needed to read a certain type of book, but as I have come further down this journey, I have realized that it doesn’t matter what type of book I read. What matters is if I like it or not and when you find books that you truly love, you can find so much JOY.

Through this journey I have found I really love autobiographies, smut books, and fantasy. I will also always be reading a personal growth book, as well as a book on parenting simultaneously because while I love fiction, there is so much you can learn from picking up a book. Even within a fictional book you can uncover lessons or conversation topics or learn things about something you had no clue about. You can get transported into a totally new world and it is absolutely beautiful.

All this to say, in that I have found so much happiness in something I never would have really considered trying. I have read tons of good books this year, have joined a book club, and have made some friends, all because I decided to make reading a priority. Reading has become a new hobby for me and I think that once you begin to find books you enjoy, you will find it become a part of you, as well.

Books have been around for ages and there is a reason for that. It is something that is so vital to our society and is something I think we need to not only preserve for our children, but also something each and every person should be incorporating within their lives.

Just fifteen minutes a day. That is all. And if you are needing a book recommendation, find a true book lover. Tell them topics you enjoy or things you might like and I am sure they will help you find something you will enjoy.




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