Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Hello and welcome back to The Chic Delight! A much needed break is now over and it feels so good to be back. In fact, I am writing to you from a coffee shop (what a dream). I actually got to take my time eating lunch…who am I?? Clearly, a mom if these simple life pleasures are what give me joy these days haha. Speaking of moms, Mother’s Day is write around the corner and I know you all are probably needing some last minute gift ideas and as a mom myself I can tell you EXACTLY what she might want haha.

  1. Spa gift card – you cannot go wrong here. Choose a nice spa too. Don’t worry, it doesn’t need to cover the cost of the entire thing, even just some money towards it is excuse enough for her to get out and get some space to herself to relax. Another option is to go in with someone else. The only thing I ask, is make sure you are offer an option for childcare to go with it. Otherwise, (total truth here) she will never go and it is sort of a waste. Booking childcare for something like an event or a date night is one thing, but many moms struggle booking someone for themselves. It is just the mom nature.
  2. Maya Brenner Initial Necklace – This is on the pricier side, but it is one of my FAVORITE pieces of jewelry I own. In fact, I need to update it with Easton’s initial, but I have worn it everyday since I received it in the mail. It does not tarnish and I love how dainty it is. You can make it super personable by using different metals and/or adding different charms. LOVE this and think it would be a knock out for any mom to receive.
  3. Gold box with photos – I saw this on instagram actually and immediately fell in love with it. It is so super and super affordable making it a great option if you are on a budget. All you have to do is purchase the gold box and then print some pictures to place in it. It is not very often that pictures ever leave our devices anymore, so I think this is a great way to do that and have printed pictures to look back on. They can them display it on a coffee table or somewhere in their home to show visitors without having to give them their phone. The idea gets better by the fact that you can, every now and then, print more pictures for them to add to their box.
  4. A bouquet of flowers or a plant – I know this may seem like something too simple, but I know as a mom, even just a bouquet of flowers is so touching to me. I love the idea of an indoor plant, as well, because then as the plant continues to grow then can always look at it and think of you. My own mom has actually purchased some plants for me for my birthday and I absolutely love them. I refuse to let them die because she got them for me and every time I see them, I think of her.
  5. A date with you – sometimes all a mom needs or wants is just time with YOU. Life becomes busy and we forget to make intentional time for the ones we love. This is a simple, yet meaningful way to really show your mom that extra love. I love the idea of taking her out to dinner just you and her or maybe a brunch. You could even make a day of it and take her out to do a little shopping. Just spending one on one time with your mom is so underrated.
  6. Giving her the day or night off – this is a great idea from a spouse if you don’t want to spend a lot of money. Sometimes all a mom wants is some time to herself. Give as much time as you feel comfortable with, but send her away for the day where you take care of everything and let her do whatever her heart desires. Even better is if you book her a night away! But don’t just say that is her gift, make sure it is scheduled and planned because otherwise it will never happen.

I hope you enjoyed these ideas and found them helpful. If anything, maybe they helped to get the wheels turning for you to come up with something else. Regardless, just remember that it doesn’t have to be complicated. Moms really just want to know you see them and appreciate them and I think the bottom line is that they could all just use a little break where no one needs them, they don’t have to make any decisions, and they just know how beautiful, strong, and LOVED they are.




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