5 Must Haves for a New Mom

Wearing my Artipoppe while I cook dinner

How is it possible that Easton is already two months? I seriously cannot believe how quickly the time has flown by. It is so true how they say that time goes quickly and slowly at the same time when you have kids – the days are long, but the years short!

In honor of his two month birthday (HAHA) I thought I would round up some of my favorite items as a second time mom. I feel like certain aspects of motherhood are a lot easier the second go round, and one things is knowing what I like and don’t like.

First up is the boppie pillow. I use this CONSTANTLY. Whether you are breastfeeding or not, having something you can use to support your arms is an absolute essential. I use this for feeding (breast and bottle), rocking, while I am watching tv – essentially any time he is in my arms, I like to have this nearby.

Second is my Amazon kindle. Funny enough I have used my kindle more now during postpartum than I ever have. I didn’t have it with Arabella, but being able to pull it out while I feed or rock Easton, has been a game changer. It makes all those hours sitting in the recliner so much easier and go by so much faster when I have something to help pass the time aside from looking at my phone.

Speaking of my recliner….THIS recliner is the one you want. It is SO comfortable. I am absolutely obsessed with it and have spent MANY hours in it. I am actually using the same recliner I had for Arabella with Easton and it is just as comfortable and feels like new. I feel like you get a really good bang for your buck and it looks beautiful in your nursery. It reclines, rocks, and swivels 360 making it super versatile for however you like to hold your baby. I personally have the cream and it cleans up SO nicely too. As I mentioned, it still looks brand new. The last thing I like about it is that the back is high. Both John and I are tall, so having a rocker that has a head rest all the way up where we can rest our heads back or on the wings (because let’s be real, I accidentally fall asleep in this thing all the time), is a God send.

Number four is my Artipoppe baby carrier. I actually didn’t have this with Arabella and I wish I did. It is SO comfortable and I can literally carry Easton for hours in it without my back hurting. I got a neutral color and feel like it goes with a ton of stuff while also still looking really clean and nice. It is on the pricy side, but with the amount of time I have already worn Easton, I know it will be worth it. One of my girlfriends also has this carrier and has hiked multiple times in it with her little and says it is great for that too.

Lastly is my breast pump. I LOVE my Elvie. Another investment piece and not necessary if you plan on just breastfeeding (although you will need a pump eventually), but it makes pumping so much more manageable. Now, I don’t recommend the Elvie if you are going to exclusively pump because it did affect my supply when I did this with Arabella, BUT for pumping here and there, it is a game changer (if you want more details on my opinion on breast pumps, you can read THIS blog post). You can easily throw it in your bag or purse, it fits into a ton of bras, and I love that I am not chained to anything when I wear it. I can move around freely and when you are a busy mom, this is so important. I also have found that if I have to pump and feed Easton at the same time, this is much more comfortable and easier than my other pumps.

It is so interesting to me to see what I have found so imperative. There is some ease in having your second, that you definitely don’t get with your first and one big factor to that is that you know what you like. Now, I am alwayssss open to new products and there are definitely quite a few others that aren’t in this post, but I would definitely say these are my top five.

Let me know your favorites below!




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