Family Faves – April 2024

Hello and welcome back! Today, I wanted to bring back some content that I use to share in the past which was a round up of my sister and mom’s favorites! If you aren’t familiar with these posts or don’t remember what I am talking about, essentially I use to round up a recommendation from each one of my sisters and my mom. These could be product recommendations, pieces of advice, life hacks, etc. Anything that they felt like is benefiting their lives, but this time I am adding a twist. Instead of asking them their recommendation like I use to do in the past, I am going to share with you things that they have shared with me, just personally. I have always loved and valued my sisters and mom’s opinions because I know I can trust them, which makes these posts honest, real and super fun!

First up is Mom: My mom is my go to for almost all things. I speak with her daily (sometimes more than once) and we talk about anything and everything. She has so much wisdom and knowledge and I truly value her opinion. Recently, we have (for obvious reasons) been talking a lot about navigating two kiddos. One of the things I am currently struggling with is splitting my attention with both kids. When Arabella was a baby, I was able to devote all of my attention to her, now with Easton and Arabella I feel a lot more pulled. When you only have one, you can pick them up and carry them and hold them all the time, but that isn’t necessarily the case with two. So, one thing my mom has been helping me realize is that it is okay to leave Easton in a bouncer or swing and let him just explore. He doesn’t need to be held 24/7 and that is something I am having a hard time letting go of. She has reminded me that he is learning the world though and if he is content (or even just randomly fussing), it is OKAY. He is learning the world around him and that is a good and beautiful thing. I know this advice may not be beneficial to everyone, but I definitely needed it. It was a good reminder that I don’t need to feel guilty if I can’t give him (or her) 100% of my attention.

Next is my older sister Stephanie. Her recommendation is Color Science Flex Face Shield SPF 50, $54. She uses this product almost as a foundation, which I love. The product melts to match your skin tone and provides a very light and dewy coverage that is perfect for those no-makeup, makeup days. I personally love anything I can use instead of my foundation because I have found that it really has helped my skin significantly. The less foundation I put on, the better and healthier my skin looks. Funny enough, one of my best friends also recommended this product to me, so I think it might be a winner guys!

Thirdly is my sister Krista. From her, I am bringing another piece of advice about parenting…with Arabella we have struggled with her spirited personality here and there. If you have a stong-willed kiddo, you get it. So, occasionally I will run by my sisters a scenario we encountered with her and what they would recommend. One great piece of advice she provided me with was to roll play scenarios. I thought this was so powerful. Essentially prior to your child experiencing something – could be a new situation, how to navigate a friend scenario, or maybe even what will happen at a doctor’s appointment – you walk through the scenario as much as possible. Maybe you give your child options on certain actions they can take or words they can use. Or perhaps just describing environments and steps. Regardless, this tool can be used with so many situations and essentially through all ages. After suggesting this, we used this in another situation and found it to be so helpful.

Lastly is Andrea. Andrea recently shared a podcast by the 1000 Hours Outside Podcast. This was episode 266 and essentially it is a very powerful listen in regards to the evolution of childhood experiences over the recent decades. It dives into a lot of current parent concerns for our children with the most important being the rise of anxiety and depression in our youth. It is such a good listen and I highly recommend it if you are a parent or considering becoming a parent.

I hope you enjoyed these recommendations and find them helpful. I know all of this advice is probably a bit more mom-related, but as always, I hope you take what applies to you and leave the rest. I look forward to keeping these up (maybe once a month?) and giving you some great ideas.




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