One of my Favorite Postpartum Productivity Hacks

Hello hello sweet friends and welcome to my newborn bubble. Yes, I am currently stuck in that limited sleep, have no clue what day or time it is, just let me smell my baby’s head, bubble and I couldn’t be happier (minus the lack of sleep haha). This time flies by so fast and I truly want to try to soak it up as much as I can.

While this phase is full of snuggles and naps and bonding, it also comes with it a lot of struggles…one being that lack of productivity that happens during this phase. Maybe for some, they love having the excuse of just sitting and holding their newborn, but for someone like me who loves to constantly be moving, it can be one of the hardest parts. I remember with Arabella that just brushing my teeth seemed difficult, and while I have figured out how to at least get that done with Easton, navigating a new routine with a new (massive and adorable) responsibility like a child, takes time, patience, and a lot of grace.

Because this isn’t my first time going through this adjustment, I am trying to remind myself of some of the tools I used in the very beginning to help me and I thought I would share one of them here with you.

As I mentioned before, not being productive was very hard for me with Arabella so John helped me devise a plan that if accomplished, would help me determine if I had a “good” or “productive” day.

We started by choosing a number of how much I felt I could reasonably accomplish in a day. For Arabella, that number was 3. It may stay the same for Easton, or may increase or decrease, but three things seemed reasonable. So, for example, if I accomplished those three things, I could end the day knowing it had been a good day. Anything above and over that was gravy.

We then broke it down a bit further by John asking me if I could accomplish anything in a day, what would make me feel the best and the three things I came up with included taking a shower, getting a workout in (or movement), and doing one thing around the house. This could be as simple as doing a load of laundry or unloading the dishwasher. It didn’t need to be complicated or an hour worth of work.

These were my three things and essentially, each day I accomplished them I could end the day on a good note and feeling like I had DONE something. For Easton, I may switch this up because with a second baby you find some things are easier and not as stressful. Regardless, if you are in the newborn phase or even just in a busy phase of life in general, I think this is a great piece of advice. I feel like it works well because it is slow productivity and each day you check off whatever three things you deem important, you feel more and more motivated the next day. This feeling compounds, as well as the productivity, and as a result I felt so much happier and accomplished.

I think I will probably start this next week for myself, but I hope this tip helps you a little bit. As I mentioned, even if you aren’t in the newborn phase, but in a busy season of life where you feel like you might just be treading water, this tip can help so much.

I would love to know if you try this and/or what your top three are, so be sure to tag me.




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