Welcome Baby Easton

You guys! I can’t believe he is finally here – Easton Ian Wilson arrived right when was supposed to and I am so excited to introduce you all to him. He is sweet as pie and already settling into the Wilson family perfectly.

Easton was technically not due until 3/19, but due to some elevated blood pressures and history of gestational hypertension, my care team felt it was important to induce me. While, I had a lot of mixed feelings about this, I knew it was the right thing.

Easton, then came exactly when he was supposed to and has been such a perfect angel since. He is gaining weight, eating well, and gives the best snuggles.

I am so excited for this new chapter for our family, but also a bit nervous. I feel like we had found a very good flow with one, but I know that flow will come with two, as well, it just takes time.

And in case you are curious, Arabella loves her baby brother. She has been very kind to him and I can’t wait to watch them grow together.

Thank you all so much for the wonderful support and I can’t wait to share more of our growing family with you!




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