My Top 5 Home Essentials

Hello hello and welcome back to The Chic Delight! I ended up being a bit MIA this past weekend, in order to soak up all the time I could with my family before this baby comes. I received news at my OB appointment on Friday, that I may end up being induced at 37 weeks (which is tomorrow), so I was definitely processing. I have an appointment today to discuss further, so we will see what happens, but in my attempts to possibly get our house ready for this baby to come, I realized I have a few ride or die items in my home that make my life so much better and I thought I should share.

First up is my Dyson Vacuum. This item is definitely an investment, but it is one item in my home that makes my life so much easier. We recently got a new one for Christmas and I swear they are only getting better and better. The Dyson makes vacuuming just that much simpler and when you vacuum as much as I do (or as much as any mom does really), having something that makes this to-do easier, is a major win. The one I linked has a battery charge of about 45 minutes and my favorite part is an additional head that comes with it for pet hair. When you have a husky mix and a medium haired kitty, being able to vacuum up pet hair on coaches and chairs EASILY, is like you won the lottery haha.

Next up is my Aria Diffuser. I love this item because it is not only beautiful to look at, but it makes my home smell amazing. It is once again, an investment, but the one I have linked for you above comes as a starter kit and includes a whole bunch of essential oils, so you can basically start diffusing right away. Essential oils are something I am still personally learning about, but they are definitely something I have begun to incorporate more and more into my life. There are tons of different scents and mixes you can do that can make your home smell SO yummy. I love this specific diffuser because of the way it looks and I would repurchase it over and over again.

Number three is a self sharpening knife set. Now, I know this may not seem like a necessary item for some, but having a good knife can make allll the difference in the kitchen. When you cook most nights out of the week, or even are learning how to cook, you want good knives. It makes chopping so much easier and I truly never understood this, until I had a good knife set. I like these specific knives because they are self sharpening which means that each time you place them back in the block, they are sharpened making them always ready to use and make cutting, chopping, dicing, etc. a breeze.

Number four is a play area for my kiddo. Now, I know for many, having a play area for your kids isn’t feasible given the size of your home. If you have a little one and this is the case, I would even recommend just a pack n play for this, but what I love about this set up specifically is that it created a space for my daughter, while also ensuring I was able to maintain the majority of my home. Initially, I used this space as a safe place to put her down that I knew she couldn’t get out of but allowed me to be hands free for a bit to get a few things done. Now, as she has gotten bigger, this is where we keep most of her toys and it has become her designated space to play. She LOVES it and being able to collect all of her toys and place them in here at the end of the day, keeps me happy too.

Number five is a good coffee maker. As a proud coffee addict, I think a good coffee maker is imperative to life. I am linking my husband and I’s current obsession, which is the Moccamaster. Essentially, it is a pour over, but in coffee form. However, I think a regular old coffee pot, is also just as good. My priority is just being able to make a delicious cup of coffee for whenever I need it and I personally think every home should have this capability haha. Can you tell I am a coffee fiend and don’t discriminate when it comes to how it’s made? Now, I can’t say the same for my husband, but give me a $30 coffee pot and some Folgers, I am one happy girl haha.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post! I thought it might be fun to share the items I am currently obsessed with in our home. Creating a home takes time and finding what you like and what works for your lifestyle and budget, can also take time. Almost all of these items have been gifts my husband and I have asked for or items we saved to purchase, because we ourselves are aware of how expensive certain things can be. Each item is an investment and I continue to create our home into a sanctuary for my family and I, that is more my goal. Investing in things we love and things we will use for many many years to come.

Happy Monday!




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