How I Organize My Week as a Stay at Home Mom

I am a few months into staying at home and I feel like I have finally found a somewhat good rhythm fro Arabella and I that I thought I would share with all of you. I feel like the first struggle of transitioning from working to staying at home, was that I needed routine and a little bit of consistency, just as much as Arabella needed it. It took me some time to figure this out and navigate what worked and what didn’t and I know once baby boy comes, it will be another big transition period as we navigate being a family of four, but for now, I thought I would share what’s working for us.

In order to navigate how I would plan our weeks, I looked at things we had to do, such as Arabella’s school and swim lessons and cleaning and grocery shopping, then at what I wanted to incorporate more of into our weeks. This included things I needed, but also things that would benefit Arabella, as well. For example, more baking for me, and/or time to clean the house so that I didn’t have to do it on the weekends. For Arabella, I wanted to incorporate outdoor time and certain activities that I knew she would love.

So here is what I prioritize each day:

Mondays – I try to have an arts and crafts project for us. This could be as simple as stamps or coloring, or as extensive as a project I found on Pinterest or Instagram, that I want to try with Arabella

Tuesdays – this day is typically our errands day, so that takes up a good majority of the day, but knowing we run errands this day, helps me to streamline the week a bit better. I could very easily run my errands while Arabella is in school (and I still sometimes have to), but one thing I vouched for myself was that I would do “hard” things with her in order to help myself, and her, get more use to doing them. For example, grocery shopping is not the easiest with my sweet little toddler, BUT the more we go, the easier it has gotten and the better at we both are.

Wednesdays – I focus on outdoor time. This could be a water table set up or possibly going swimming during the summer, or it could be as simple as just walking around our neighborhood and exploring. I have found that things don’t need to be complicated, I just need to have options. Arabella LOVES being outside, so we definitely try to go outside every day, but on Wednesdays especially, I try to be intentional on getting outdoors.

Thursdays – Baking day. This is one of my FAVORITE days. I love baking with Arabella and she loves it too. It is also so fun to have something yummy to eat heading into the weekend. I keep the recipes simple for the most part, liked boxed muffins or cupcakes, but we always have so much fun pouring and stirring together. I have also been very surprised as to how much Arabella enjoys and looks forward to baking. I think as she gets older this is going to be something very special for us that we can also share with her baby brother.

Fridays – Playground day. On Fridays, I take Arabella to a playground. They are always different and sometimes it is an indoor playground with a friend or simply one right in our neighborhood, but it is a very fun thing to look forward to. We both love trying out all the different local playgrounds and if a friend decides to meet us, we have even more fun. If we are driving a bit, I like to treat us both to a little Starbucks run which gives me something to also look forward to.

I hope this helps you find a smoother routine for your week, as well. We are not militant about this schedule, but I love that it provides me with a routine to fall back on. Sometimes we aren’t feeling up to things and so we lay around in our pjs all day and watch movies, other times we have appointments or playdates…it all just depends, but I love that it provides me with some structure.

Then, in regards to daily housekeeping, I try to do a load of laundry every day and I have broken up our home for cleaning, so that while Arabella naps, I clean a certain part of our home. In theory this would work out great and did for a while, until I started to need to nap when Arabella napped later in my pregnancy. Now, my cleaning schedule is a bit more off, but if you are interested in learning more about that, I did write on a blog post on it HERE.

As I mentioned before, I know this schedule will definitely change come Summer and with a new baby in our lives and as a result, I will have to pivot and redesign, but with one little, this works very well for us. I also think it is important to have a structure to fall back on and lean on throughout the week. I feel much more productive and Arabella is much happier with a bit of routine.

I hope you have a beautiful rest of your day!




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