Arabella’s Big Girl Room Reveal

I swear I feel like over the past six months, our daughter has been through so much. From lice (yes you read that correctly), to switching schools, to getting rid of the Paci, to staying at home with mom, getting rid of bottles, and of course switching rooms….our poor baby has been through a lot. I honestly contemplated not moving her at all given how much she had been going through. Add in potty training and it’s a no wonder people say two year olds are so rough! I personally have a new theory…I don’t think it’s them! I think it is all the stuff the poor little things are forced to go through during this age. I mean…it is A LOT.

Which is why, as I mentioned above, I hesitated moving Arabella into a different room. It was one more change she was going to have to go through and I truly didn’t want to put her through any more than she was already experiencing. However, after talking with my husband and us both agreeing she would need to move eventually, we opted to switch her rooms and create a big girl room for her. We also decided to keep her in her crib, but attempted to make the room as similar as her old one, while also making it special.

And in case you are wondering WHY she needed to move, you will see in some of the photos the very long closet that is attached to this room. There is also additional smaller “rooms” off of this closet (think more storage size), that we had created into play spaces. We knew she would want to play in them if our son was in this room, proving difficulties during his naps, and we also know girls just have more stuff. So, ultimately we decided to move forward and switch her. We took this opportunity to also get rid of bottles at the same time, but we did keep her in a crib. We toyed with switching her to a big girl bed, but felt that would come with even more change and she is so attached to her crib, so we felt it was important to let her stay in that.

Prior to switching her rooms, I did speak with our sleep coach about making the transition. She was the one to suggest getting rid of bottles at the same time, as well as keeping the room as similar as possible as her other room, to ease the transition. This is why, I am so late in sharing because after we moved her initial stuff, I then slowlyyyyy added in new things, in order to not overwhelm her. I also included her in the process as much as possible with anything new – whether that be allowing her to see me moving something into her room, or her helping to pick out a new item.

So you are probably wondering how the transition went? Honestly, not as bad as we thought. Getting rid of her paci was much more difficult given she actually used that to ease herself back to sleep in the middle of the night, whereas her bottles were only used while we were reading books prior to sleep. As a result, she transitioned like a champ. The first night was a little rough in falling asleep with lots of confusion, but once she was asleep, she was out. She is now SO happy in her room and has increasingly become more attached with it in that she wants to play in there constantly. I love it because it has really become “her” space.

I organized toys to make for simple easy play by grouping similar types in baskets. I moved her table and chairs in there in order to allow her to work at her desk with various things, whether that be arts and crafts, play doh, or even just working on a specific toy. I set up her chair next to her books, so that she can read, and many things have been pulled down to her level in order to allow her to easily access it all.

While I LOVE how the room turned out and I will be sure to share more on stories, I am more proud of her. She so willingly gave up her older room for her baby brother – it quickly became Baby Brother’s room and is now referred to as that, while also immediately taking to her new space. It is another reason why I am so proud of this little girl. She has been through so much (for her two year old self) and continues to show resiliency, joy, and thoughtfulness surrounding the situation.

If you too, are contemplating switching rooms, or updating a young child’s room, I hope the few tips sprinkled in this post are helpful to you. Our littles are growing up and while I love to see them growing and learning, I also need it to all SLOW DOWN! Haha.




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