My Hospital Bag Essentials as a Second Time Mom

Eeeek! I hope you all had a happy Valentine’s Day sweet friends! What a special day and I hope you all got showered with love and know how much you are cared for. I know I definitely appreciate each and every one of you and feel so thankful for all the love and support I am always receiving from you all. We can’t do what we do, without your guys’ love, so it means the world. But I do truly hope you know how important you are and how valued you are and whether it’s a partner showing you that love, a friend, or even your parent, know you are something special my friend.

Now, funny enough I am not doing a post related to love today. I should, but I have baby on the brain and truthfully I like to write from my heart, so today I wanted I’m sharing my hospital bag with you all.

I feel like the lists that people make for their hospital bags are INSANE. Like do I realllyyyyy need all of that stuff? My simple answer is no, but I also feel like your hospital bag is going to be unique to you. So today, I am sharing my absolute essentials, but you can find LISTS of things other people feel you might find beneficial. I personally like to keep it simple and easy, but always remember to DO YOU. I am your biggest fan, so if you need a large suitcase in the hospital with you, then by all means honey, go for it!

My Hospital Bag Essentials:

+ your own pillow: I will die on this hill. The most important thing in my mind. It provided me with extra comfort and was so much better than the hospital pillows

+ A going home outfit for you: I personally like to choose a simple upgrade from pajamas, so think sweats. Something very comfortable, stretchy, and loungie.

+ A going home outfit for baby: In my experience the hospital provided Arabella with a little shirt and she wore her diaper most of the time we were in the hospital. As a result, all I needed was one outfit for her to go home in, which is all I am packing for this baby. If you prefer to dress baby in your own clothes, by all means pack a few extras.

+ A boppi: I found it really hard to navigate breast feeding with the pillows they had at the hospital. I think I would have been more comfortable if I had more support, so I am adding this one to my essentials.

+ A swaddle for baby: If you want to learn how to swaddle your baby in the blankets, be my guest, but John and I felt like we could never get our swaddles as tight as the nurses and it was really frustrating because she would constantly unravel it and I felt bad calling the nurses in all the time to re-do it. This time, I am not messing around and I am just bringing a newborn swaddle with velcro haha.

+ Chaptstick: I am a ride or die with mine, so this is NECESSARY

+ Shower flip flops: Didn’t bring these last time and as a nurse I got grossed out by the shower. I know they are cleaned by the cleaning team, but I got weirded out, so I am definitely packing some flip flops to shower in.

+ Toiletries: In speaking of showers, here is my simple toiletry list –> shampoo, conditioner, body wash, face wash, a hair brush, extra hair tie or claw clip, moisturizer, toothbrush, toothpaste, and deodorant. The last thing I wanted to worry about was makeup or additional skincare, so I like to keep it very simple. I feel like this covers the important things.

+ Phone charger: You definitely want this. Some people recommend one with a long cord because the outlets are actually behind your bed or you will have to get up to plug it in and out.

+ Car seat: You will need this to take baby home. Easily overlooked. I would put it in your car ahead of time, so that way when you do go to the hospital, it is already in there. Also, make sure you know how to use yours. I remember John and I were so confused with ours (there was an extra insert that was making it too tight), so just get super familiar.

+ A sweater/coverup: This is something you can pull over your shoulders and cover up with when you have visitors, but still allows you easy access for breastfeeding. It can also provide as something warm, if you get cool in the hospital. I like this because if I didn’t want to put on a nursing bra, I had something to cover up with and feel comfortable. I am going to put robes down below in my extras section, but a robe would work for this too.

+ Extras: These are things that you might want, but I don’t think are essentials –> nursing bras (I don’t think you really need this because I just wore the hospital gown the whole time and kept it easy with just unbuttoning it), pajamas (same concept, but some people hate the way the hospital gowns feel), postpartum underwear (they provide you with mesh, but you will need a pair to go home in), nipple cream (I am packing some, but you probably won’t need it justttt yet), a fan (you can bring one, but the hospital should also have ones they can provide you with), a big cup for hydrating (once again, the hospital has pitchers, but DO YOU), a sound machine (I feel like there is plenty of time for this at home, but there can be lots of noises), a nightlight (your room will have plenty of blinking lights in my opinion, but some people swear by this), a blanket from home (I will be packing this, but I didn’t with Arabella), a book or magazine (there isn’t a ton of time for reading, but I will be bringing one), slippers or fuzzy socks (I just wore the grippy socks the hospital provided me – once again, preference), snacks (this is a good idea for your partner to pack, especially if you are sensitive to foods and hospital food isn’t always the best), and a robe (I may or may not pack this, it can be nice if you want to walk the halls).

I hope this helps to streamline everything for you a bit. I feel like the lists out there are SO long and it feels like you need so much stuff, but I have found that the hospital provides you with the essentials, so anything else you might bring is just gravy. I like to pack my hospital bag right around 34-35 weeks and make sure your partner does the same. I also informed my partner where my bag is and what I don’t have packed in it (ie like my glasses) because I am currently still using them. This is a helpful thing to do, because occasionally momma can get sent to the hospital straight from an OB appointment, so your partner may need to know what all needs to be grabbed when they meet you.

Hope you had a BEAUTIFUL Valentine’s Day my friends!




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