January 2024 Favorites

Today I thought I would round up some of my favorite things from last month that I feel like have really been changing the game for me lately. Truthfully, the new year has started off with a bang and I feel like I have gotten so much done in preparation for this baby, as well as in regards to working on cultivating a cozy and organized home. I think a big part of that can be attributed to some of the items from today!

  1. The Passionate Penny Pincher Planner: I have been a ride or die Erin Condren planner for YEARS. Like obsessed and I still am because I love to agenda decorate, but when I found this planner and began using it this year, I feel like everything has fallen into place. It is the perfect planner for me to keep organized and I love how it has to-dos for me already built in to keep me on track. I think because I am majorly staying at home, this planner has become essentially, but I do truly believe that any momma would benefit from this one. *PS This item is currently out of stock, but coming back soon
  2. Phone Case: I can’t take credit for this one. This I found via Lauryn Bosstick from The Skinny Confidential, but let me tell you…it’s a game changer. I love the sleek design, the non-slip feel, the colors, and that it is literally SO affordable. I love it so much, I even convinced John to get one for his phone and he loves it.
  3. Pilates: You guys have heard me talk about Bar Method over and over and overrrr again, but I swear it is literally the best workout ever. Being pregnant, I CRAVE this workout because it has helped my joints, low back pain, and flexibility. I love that it is safe to do all the way up to delivery and if my body could handle it, I would be there everyday. Unfortunately, I can’t be there everyday, so when I can’t go to Bar Method, I have begun doing Sculpt Society. This program is less than $20/month and has each pregnancy week broken down for you already. The classes are literally catered to where you are at in pregnancy. They are all do at home and require minimal to no equipment. Both of these programs are low impact on my body and leave me feeling energized, toned, and more flexible.
  4. Ice Queen Face Oil: I seriously LOVE this face oil you guys. When Lauryn came out with her own face oil, there was no doubt in my mind it would be good, but this is next level and I am already on my third bottle. I use it daily, in the morning and at night and I swear it just gives you the perfect glow. It is hydrating, but also after it absorbs, doesn’t leave your face greasy like other face oils can. She recommends mixing it with your foundation which is a game changer. I love to keep it even simpler and pair with some tinted sunscreen for a quick and effortless, no makeup look.
  5. Nordstrom Pajamas: Okay, so I have been talking about my love for these pajamas for probably years now, but the obsession comes even stronger when I am pregnant. First of all, you can get them I the style I linked (my personal favorite) or in a variety of other ways. Between these and Lake Pajamas, I seriously don’t own anything else anymore. I love the material, that they wash up wonderfully, and are super stretchy for my growing tummy. All of their styles also come with buttons, which will be great for breast feeding too. I literally have these pulled for my hospital bag right now because I love them so much! I would size down because they can be a bit baggy, but I also have both my normal size (size medium) and size small and feel like I can easily wear both, so up to you!




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