How I am Preparing for Baby Number 2

I am so excited that you all know we are expecting a baby boy for number 2! I realized the other day I hadn’t shared the gender with everyone on my socials yet, so I knew I had to get that sorted out asap. We are very excited to be having one of both genders and I truly can’t wait to see the differences between them. I know my pregnancies have been vastly different, so I can only assume their little personalities may be a little different too.

Yesterday marked 33 weeks in my pregnancy, so today I thought I’d share some ways I am preparing for baby in case any other expecting moms might need some help too. It can be hard getting everything sorted out with a toddler running around, but I have been attempting to prioritize what is most important at this stage.

To start, taking care of my body and this baby is number one, so knowing what those first few weeks look like with a newborn, sleep, movement, and health are the first things I take care of. As a result, I am sleeping in a bit later than my norm – I was getting up at 5am to get work done, a workout, etc, but I am currently sleeping until about 6am. Sometimes later if I had a bad sleep day. I am also attempting to nap whenever I can. This means naps for sure over the weekend and of course going to bed earlier. In addition, I am making sure I am keeping my body moving. Hard cardio sounds HORRIBLE right now so I have been doing a lot more walking, Bar Method, and Sculpt Society. I also have implemented stretching for five minutes prior to bed with focus on my hips given I had a lot of labor pains there with Arabella.

With keeping on focus of my health, I have been keeping up with weekly OB appts, as well as pelvic floor physical therapy. If you haven’t heard of pelvic floor PT, I highly recommend you look into it (even if you aren’t pregnant). It can help resolved a variety of symptoms which is how I stumbled past it, but can be especially helpful for pregnancy and postpartum. Our appointments have been focusing on sciatica pain which began for me around 29 weeks and preparing for delivery for in various ways.

Next, is getting the nursery set up. I don’t think this is a big priority, but it makes me crazy to not have it done, so I have been slowly working on it. I will try to share it so far over on Instagram, so you can see where I am at. But, I have the crib set up and his dresser. Now, I just need to start brining in some decor items. I had a TON of hand me down clothes to go through, so that took up quite a bit of time (which I am NOT mad about). I still need to wash everything, but I feel like I have a good set up so far. I think it is important to see what you have and what you might need. Given that this baby is my second, I had a good idea of what was important to me and made a difference, so that is what I focused on. I can make a blog post on some of my favorites because I think there is so much NOISE out there about this type of stuff. Obviously, in getting his room ready, I have also had to go through all of Arabella’s stuff, as well which is what I am still in the process of.

Another important thing I wanted to take care was ordering my breast pump and setting up an appointment with a lactation consultant. If you are a new momma, you may already know that your insurance covers a breast pump. I would definitely take care of that sooner than later in your pregnancy because you never know where your feeding journey might take you, and having one at home and ready to go is a good idea. I am also doing a lactation consultation prior to delivering. With Arabella, I did an online program (which I recommend), then had appointments in the hospital and then follow up appointments at her pediatrician’s office with each visit for Arabella. This was all super helpful and probably all I needed with my first, but what one of my midwives was telling me, was that in having an appointment prior to delivering, they can create a plan based off of what worked and didn’t work the first go round and have that plan in my chart when I am in the hospital. This way, I am essentially just a little bit more ahead of the game. I would also look into services where a lactation consultant comes to your home to assist with feeding. Many insurances cover this cost, but it is something I think would have been helpful for me with Arabella that I wasn’t aware of until recently.

Lastly, is getting my home ready. Having things cleaned and organized is very important for me prior to this baby coming and it was something that was very important prior to Arabella, as well. Newborn life can feel a bit chaotic as you adjust to a new routine, so knowing that my house is at a good starting point is very important. With Arabella, I did have our carpets cleaned and have a cleaning service come and do a deep clean of the home in order to help prevent me feeling the need to do it right when I got home. I am not sure if I will do either of those things this go round, but I do think both made a huge difference with Arabella. Another factor in getting my home ready, is prepping my fridge. If you can, purchasing some extra snacks you can store away or stocking up on items you can put away in the freezer for easy meals is a great tip. I will actually be stocking my freezer (I think next weekend) when my momma and sister are coming to visit. We did this with Arabella and out of everything, this is all I asked for haha. Having dinners, lunches, or breakfasts you can just pop in the oven or microwave is a game changer. Food is SO important postpartum to help ensure you are getting the proper nutrients to heal and breast feed, but it is honestly one of the last things on your mind. You truly don’t want to be meal planning, so having a freezer/fridge stocked is a game changer.

I hope you find this list helpful and not too overwhelming. I think if you just remember it as me and my body, the things baby needs (which is honestly some diapers, clothes, and a bassinet), and then your home. Don’t overcomplicate it and just think about what will give YOU peace of mind. One of the very last things I will be working on is packing my hospital bag, but I probably won’t do that for a little bit longer. Maybe closer to 35 weeks. I personally feel antsy to get it ready because Arabella came a bit earlier, but I have a feeling this baby is going to take his sweet time (or at least I hope so!).

Let me know if you have any questions and Happy Wednesday my loves!




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