5 Cute and Easy Valentine Ideas for Toddlers

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You guys. I had the best weekend! Like I can’t believe how much I got done. If you missed it, I had one of my very first weekends alone at home this past weekend. My hubby took my daughter to visit his parents for the weekend and I truly had no clue what to do with myself. I had SO much I wanted to do, that I didn’t know where to start haha. Fortunately, I feel like it ended up being the perfect balance between relaxation and productivity. In fact, one of the things I worked on, was figuring out what I wanted to do for Valentine’s Day for Arabella’s class mates.

I find it funny that my two year old is going to be giving out Valentines, but I also find it so so sweet and endearing. However, given that I am not the most crafty types, I don’t want to spend a ton of money, and she is ONLY two, I realized I needed to get a bit more creative. So, I began scouring the internet for new ways I could accomplish this. I ended up coming up with some great ideas and I thought I would share a few of them here. My goals – not super expensive, not super time consuming, and cute haha.

  1. Young and Wild and Friedman: This company creates some of the cutest play doh and sensory kits and I have been a big fan for a while. So, when I saw they had individual play doh jars with the cutest sayings, I knew it was a great option. The pros of this option – order and you are done, there are a variety of options, and bound to be a hit. The cons – highest on my budget, HOWEVER when you look at buying multiples of other things, this doesn’t come in much higher cost-wise.
  2. Crayon Box wrapped in a Valentine coloring sheet: I saw this on Instagram and immediately thought it was the cutest idea! Very little effort to go in and a guaranteed good gift. All you simply have to do is order some crayons from Amazon or pick them up from the store and print a free Valentine coloring sheet from google. I would wrap mine with some sweet ribbon and you are done! *Another idea for this would be to include a paint set or colored pencils, or markers.
  3. Fruit pouch with a cute valentine card attached: Another super simple gift idea that won’t take a ton of time to prepare and is fairly affordable. I would just purchase some of your kiddos favorite fruit and/or veggie pouches and then some Valentine’s and tie the valentine to the top of the pouch.
  4. A cute toy wrapped up with a Valentine card: I saw a few really cute options where they just took a smaller toy (some examples include and put it in a bag and stapled or tied their Valentine card to the bag. I will include a few pictures of what I am referring to below, for reference.
  5. Bake something: Sometimes just baking some cupcakes or some sugar cookies is the easiest and most loved option! You could also buy something pre-made if you want as little effort as possible, but I do think this is probably the cheapest option, especially if you bake it yourself.

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