3 Things to Include in Your Morning Routine for a Successful Day

Hello hello and welcome back to The Chic Delight! Today I am sharing three things I always try to include in my morning routine that have set me up for a productive, happy, and calm day. Truthfully, I am fully aware that my morning routine is about to be rocked. A newborn does not really care about what you like to do at any point in the day, so there will definitely be a “phase” of time in which the morning routine goes out the window, but I do truly think that since I have started including these three things, my days have gone better and better.

Number one is writing out my to-dos for the day. I have used different journals for this to help streamline this process. Sometimes it’s just a random cutesy journal I picked up from Target. Currently, I am using the Passionate Penny Pincher Home Journal. This journal is actually on sale for $46 right now and this is the first time I am using it, but I LOVE it. It has really helped to keep me focused. Another one I love is The Skinny Confidential Hot Minute Planner. Both of these have helped me stay on task and when you are busy mom, keeping a schedule and a plan for the day is absolutely essential. Writing out my to-dos and looking over the week/day are one of the first things I like to do so that I know what I have coming up and where I need to focus my time and energy.

Number two is doing something for me. Every morning I work on my blog and having this time and space to do this, has made the world of difference. I feel like when I actually get time to focus on something I am passionate about and something I want to do, before the demands of everyone else in our home, I am so much happier. It is funny, because the days I sleep in or the days I DON’T get time to work on this project of mine, are the days I am significantly grumpier and irritated. I think carving out time for yourself is imperative in your day and making sure it is something just for you. This could be a hobby of yours, a passion project, whatever. But just making sure you get time to do something just for you, can make the world of difference.

Lastly, is getting a workout in. Now, truthfully I struggle with this one still because once I get in the flow with my blog, I tend to not want to go workout haha. However, I do notice that on the days I do get a workout in in the morning I have way more energy. Not to mention, I love that I don’t have to worry about it later. I truly only aim for 30 minutes a day and that is all I really need to feel like I have accomplished a good workout and got my body moving just enough. I love how on the days I workout, my mind is so much sharper and I am able to move with the hurdles of the day so much easier and swiftly.

For me, these three things are a recipe for success for me and my days. I definitely don’t hit them every day and as I mentioned above, I am very aware things will be shifting for a while with adding another little one. However, these three things have made such an impact on improving my mood and my mindset (and really my body). I am always still perfecting my morning routine and one thing I am looking to incorporate is meditation, but I am not quite there yet. So for now, this is what works. I would love to know what is essential in your morning routine for you to have an amazing day. Let me know in the comments below!




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