My Top 5 Favorite Maternity Items

Well, we are in full baby mode over here my friends! I am going to be 31 weeks tomorrow and I think the whole nesting thing has really settled in. I seriously cannot believe how quickly this pregnancy has gone by in comparison to Arabella. We are in the home stretch and today, given that all I got is baby on the mind, I thought I would share some of my top maternity clothing items.

Now, I am not one to buy a bunch of maternity clothes. In fact, it is probably one of my biggest annoyances because I hate having to spend money on clothes that I later may not be able to wear. As a result, when I approach my maternity wardrobe I try to keep in mind items I can wear after my pregnancy, as well. This means not only items that are comfortable following maternity. but also items that I can wear not associated with pregnancy at all. A few of my favorites are entirely maternity, but I definitely aim to purchase items that are much more sustainable and functional following pregnancy.

  1. Lululemon Align High Rise Pant 25″: These are hands down one of my favorite products. Not only are they my go-to while I am not pregnant, they also work great throughout pregnancy. These leggings are typically meant to be ordered a size down, so I like to buy a pair or two during pregnancy in which case I buy my normal size (for example, my normal size is 6; non-pregnant I would buy a size 4, so while pregnant I size up to my normal size 6). The great thing about this is that I don’t tend to notice the difference too much in movement when I am not pregnant, but the band stretches just the right amount to get me through the entirety of my pregnancy without being overly uncomfortable. If you want to be extra comfies, I would go up one size (so in this case that would be a size 8). For me, because I wear these non-pregnant, I like to try to wiggle within sizes so that they aren’t entirely a wash once I am through my postpartum phase.
  2. Abercrombie Maternity Ankle Straight Jean: Next up is a maternity specific item, but I truly have gotten my use out of this pair of jeans. I personally love this cut and feel like they have been super comfortable and easy to wear. I also feel like they are very flattering which helps because if you are like me, after you reach a certain point in your pregnancy you don’t feel quiteeeee as cute. I think Abercrombie does a great job with maternity jeans/pants and I would definitely invest in these ones if you are wanting a good pant. I sized up one size to ensure I had room to grow throughout the entirety of my pregnancy and so far, they have been great. Another pro? This brand holds a lot of sales, so you can typically get them for a pretty good price.
  3. Skims Underwear: So this may be TMI, but one thing I feel like no one talks about is comfortable underwear DURING pregnancy. Everyone is pretty clear on those black postpartum underwear that are hideous that you will wear far past fourth trimester (#truth), but no one tells you about how uncomfortable your current underwear can be. For me personally, I gain a lot of weight around my hips during pregnancy, so having something that is comfortable and not tight, but also will not show any underwear lines is a must. Enter, Skims. You guys, these are beyond comfortable, breathable, and I am obsessed. The pair I linked for you is actually currently on sale for $46 and comes with a set of 5.
  4. Beyond Yoga Spacedye High Waisted Legging: Okay, I know this is another pair of leggings, but truthfully a large majority of what I wear during pregnancy and postpartum (and normal life!) is leggings! I love the Lululemons to pair with sweaters and as more of an outfit, whereas these are amazing for lounging at home and working out in. What I LOVE about this brand is there is NO SIZE CHANGE for maternity. Literally I can wear the same pair of leggings in all phases of life and not switch up the size once. I personally don’t use these for HIIT style workouts, but for barre, pilates, walks, yoga, etc they are great. A wonderful investment piece that will hold up in quality for years. I have two pairs of these and have owned them for over 3+ years and have not seen a single change in quality with washing. I also can dry them, which I love.
  5. Lake Pajamas: Okay, so I have a few pairs of pajamas I absolutely love, but as of recently these Lake Pajamas have become an OBSESSION. Like, I could live in these. They are most definitely an investment, but once again hold up so well and are beyond comfortable. I have a pair of their pajamas from last year and like the Beyond Yoga, they look and feel exactly as they did when I bought them now, even after tons of washings and dryings. I am all about spending the extra money, if I know what I am getting is going to last me. On top of that, these can also be worn through all phases of life. It’s a win-win. If you aren’t pregnant, these are an EXCELLENT gift for an expecting mom. She will thank you 100xs over. For this style, I would purchase your normal size. The maternity styles from this brand have some extra length in the front, so perfect for covering that growing tummy.

I hope you enjoyed this post! I know I don’t have a ton of favorites, but truthfully I wanted to keep it to my very top ones so that IF you are going to buy one of these items, you can be guaranteed happy about the purchase and know it was worth the price. I know there are so many great maternity items out there that I haven’t tried, but once again, I want to buy items that are sustainable and wearable through all my phases of life.




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