How I set My New Year up For Success

Can you believe 2024 is right around the corner? Another year that I feel like has flown by in my books and I feel like each year seems to be going faster and faster. I personally, love a new year. I love all the feelings it brings and all of the motivation. I love the idea of starting fresh and not knowing what is to come in another year ahead, so today I wanted to share how I anticipate the New Year in order to maintain the motivation and soak up all of the fun it can bring.

First, it is important to know that you by no means need to do anything for the New Year. If you would like to just simply acknowledge it and move on and celebrate like any other holiday, by all means, you do you. But, if you are wanting a different approach this year, then let’s dive in.

For this post, I am going to cover intentions, goals, and a word of the year. I will create another post for how I like to purge in the New Year (oh it feels SO GOOD), so stay tuned for that. Think of this as more of clearing the mental clutter, and the next one will be on clearing the physical 🙂

To start, you need a New Year’s Eve plan. Doesn’t need to be big. But make some plans for yourself. Maybe it’s watching a movie with a friend. Or John and I always love having another couple over for takeout and games. Another great idea, is doing a fancy dinner with another couple. Or, this year, John and I will be spending it in California where we will be with my family. They always do asian-inspired food and play super silly games. Regardless, take the time now to have a plan so that when the day/evening does come around you get to enjoy it exactly how you intended.

Next, you will need to be thinking of your intentions, goals, and a word of the year. If you aren’t sure what the difference between these are, let me explain. Goals are measurable. For example, I will run X amount of miles this year, or I will read X amount of books this year. Intentions are more like an action you plan to keep. These are a bit looser and they are more about things you would “like” to implement. For example, more movement or reading more can be intentions. Lastly, a word of the year is a word you would like to go back to all year long as a steadfast over-arching guide for yourself. You can choose any word, but it should reflect your overall goals and intentions for yourself. A great word in my mind is JOY, but you can pick any word you would like. In choosing this word, you then attempt to emulate that word in all you do, throughout the entire year.

For the task above, take some time. Sit down a few times to write out some examples of each of these that you think might be fitting. The more you write, the easier it will get and the more clear you will become. I always like to think about how I want to improve upon myself, what my main priorities are, and what makes sense for my life now. You can easily say you want to do 6,000 things, but do those things really make sense for you and for your life? What is most important for you RIGHT NOW? What needs to change versus what would you like to see change? These are all great questions to ask yourself as you take the time to do this.

Now for some fun. On New Year’s Even day, you will need to carve out some time to pull it all together. You can do this on your own, or I like to sit down with my hubby for this part. You could grab a cup coffee and chat with a significant other or a best friend, or maybe you simply just grab a journal or some paper, but make sure you carve out an hour or two for this part.

First, I want you to reflect on the year. John and I like to talk about all the wonderful things (and not so wonderful things) that happened. We like to move through them and remember them and feel them. We discuss our highs and lows of the year and really just look back on it. Next, we ask what went well for the year. Maybe its how we handled a situation or a habit we did well for that year. Next, we ask what didn’t go well. What do we wish we WOULD have done more of or maybe there was a situation we wish we would have handled differently. After that, we move to the fun part.

For this section, the first question is what are your three priorities. This is SO important and I can’t stress this enough. If you do none of this exercise, except this part, then you will have an excellent foundation for the New Year. So much of your expectations for ourselves fall short because our priorities and our ACTIONS do not align. So, knowing your top three priorities, especially as you move into the New Year, is imperative so that you can act and make decisions upon these. They are your guiding compass and are the precipice for everything else.

Once you have decided your top three priorities (and be honest), then you can pull out your list of intentions and goals and words. For this, I like to pick ONE word for the year, one-two goals, and no more than five intentions. The important part of this exercise, is looking back on your priorities in order to ensure your intentions and goals are realistic and in alignment with what you value. I also like to take note of how I want my new year to look and what I wished my past year had more or less of. Maybe you were disappointed when it came to your health, so hopefully that is one of your priorities for this year, which then means making intentions to move more in alignment with that priority.

As you can see, we want it to all flow together. This is how you will maintain these goals and intentions, in addition to making them realistic and manageable for your current life stage. I like to be brutally honest with myself in order to help set myself up for success. Nothing is worse than realizing one of your goals isn’t sustainable, resulting in you being unable to maintain it. When this happens we lose our confidence because we are breaking promises we made to ourselves. This in turn leads to reverting back to old behaviors…the exact behaviors we aimed to change.

I will definitely be working on this myself over the next few days and sharing a bit more over on Instagram of process. So feel free to follow along there. And don’t worry if you find this post late into January or even in the middle of the year…it’s never too late to make changes within our lives and set goals and intentions. In fact, the New Year may be the most common time for people to make changes, but regular audits of our lives are not only helpful, they are imperative to keeping us moving forward and keeping a clear vision.

I can’t wait to hear what you come up with and be sure to tag me if you do any of this amazing, but extremely beneficial work.




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