The Number One Tip That is Saving Me as a Mom

Hello and welcome back on this beautiful Wednesday! I hope your weeks are moving along smoothly and you have been able to find joy within your week thus far. Today, I wanted to share something that has been so life changing in the way I show up as a mom. I think there are so many hacks and tips out there for mothers and while I do think a good roundup would be a wonderful blog post, for today, I wanted to share just one. Maybe this is the one you begin implementing over the next few weeks before ending out the year, or maybe it is one you think about implementing for the new year, either way, just think about it!

So, for the longest time (the past two years because that is how old my kiddo is), I haven’t really been able to have a consistent morning routine given my work schedule. I am a nurse and over the past few years have worked in outpatient surgery with various arrival times. Sometimes, I needed to be at work by 5am, other times, it wasn’t until 8. It all just depended. So I really struggled with having a consistent wake up time throughout the week. Fast forward to where we are at now with me staying home with my daughter, I have now been able to find some more consistency in my wake ups. To be clear, looking back, I think I definitely could have created some more consistency if I made a better effort and/or knew what a difference it would make in my day, but I do understand that some schedules are just hard.

Moving on, to my number one tip though because that is what you have all read this far for, which is getting up before your kids to give yourself some beautiful quiet time.

You guys. I wish I would have done this sooner. It has been such a BLESSING to have quiet time before my daughter wakes up and we start our days. I personally, have started getting up between 5 and 5:15 and my daughter does not wake up (most days), until 7-7:30, so I have been able to create an entire “day” if you will of just me time.

I think why this is so wonderful versus time at night is because I am not exhausted from the day. At night, we get my daughter to sleep and I am done. All I want to do is be horizontal with the couch. I know some people are total night owls and this is their time to shine, so if that is you, by all means use that time to your advantage, but if you are more like me, and struggle to enjoy your alone time at night because of the exhaustion, then I definitely suggest getting up in the morning before your kiddos.

I personally have found that if I get some time to myself and my goals, I am able to show up so much better as a mom. I am more patient, I am more prepared, and I have had my coffee, so I am definitely more awake to match my daughter’s limitless energy! I feel ready to take on the day and be so much more present, which as a mother is really all your kiddos want from you.

If this is something you are interested in, but not sure where to start, take it slow. Maybe it is just setting your alarm 10-15 minutes earlier so you can enjoy a cup of coffee. Then as you get more use to that, set it back another 15 minutes. For me, just ripping the band-aid off and starting at 5:15 was the best thing because then that evening I was so tired by the time it was time for bed, so I ended up going to bed earlier which then made the next day even easier. But you do you! Figure out what will work best for you and your schedule and then, as you create that time, think about what would give you more life if you had time to do it. Maybe if you got to work on your favorite hobby or maybe more time reading, or getting your workout in. Whatever it is, begin doing more of that with your time in the morning and I think you will find so much JOY with it! The best part is watching how fiercely protective you become of it haha.

I hope this tip helps you and you try it out. You deserve some time to yourself to focus on you and only you.




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