The Best 25 Stocking Stuffers Under $25

Hello Hello and Happy Monday my friends! I hope you all had a beautiful weekend. Ours wasn’t too bad, except my hubby was under the weather all weekend. I felt so bad for him! Hopefully, today he will be able to turn the corner a bit and start feeling more like himself. There are so many sicknesses going around, so try to stay healthy. Anyways, today I thought I would give you a little continued help with gifts for this holiday season by rounding up some great stocking stuffer ideas. All of these ideas are under $25 and things that I think anyone in your life would love. So the good thing, is that you could use this list for stocking stuffers, or just go through it and use it for ideas for someone else on your list! I tried to give you options for men and women, to hopefully make it super easy. Let me know if you would like one for younger kiddos too!

  1. Face Masks, $17: This is a holiday bundle where you get a whole bunch of face masks for $17! You can either break it up and put a few in multiple stockings, or give as one gift. I actually think the Sephora face masks are really good quality and would love to get this in my own personal stocking (hint, hint John)
  2. Laniege Lip Set, $22: I love this brand and I love that you could stick this cute little set right into someone’s stocking. If you are needing another idea along these lines, read on a little further, but I definitely think any one would love to get this from “Santa.”
  3. Pillbox, $20: So this pillbox comes in a few different colors, so you could definitely put this in anyone’s stocking. I love this for travel, especially now that so many people are taking more supplements and vitamins.
  4. Car Cleaning Slime, $8: So this slime may or may not be showing up in my own personal stocking. I think it is so nice to help cleaning out your car, your key board, and all those other tough tiny spots dust and debris can accumulate that you can’t get to yourself. I haven’t tried it personally yet, but it has over 78,000 reviews on Amazon haha.
  5. Sonicare Toothbrush, $25.96: Okay, so this is the only item on the list that maybeeee would technicallyyyy be over $25 BUT I felt like it would be such a good one for a stocking stuffer. I actually purchased a children’s one for my daughter to put in her stocking!
  6. Travel Makeup Mirror, $21: I feel like this is a viral one I see all over social media and thought it would be the perfect addition to this list. This mirror packs up super easily and can be used for travel, in the car, in your purse. It is sleek, durable, and definitely comes in handy when you are needing a mirror.
  7. Personalized Coffee Mug, $14: Now, you didn’t actually think we would make it through this list without a few coffee mugs did you? And OF COURSE I had to include one from Anthropologie because…well…they are just too good. You all know I am an Anthropologie coffee cup obsessed gal (as she takes another sip from one) and this is the perfect mug to begin the collection or add to it!
  8. Travel Coffee Mug, $25: Okay, so maybe Anthropologie isn’t their thing or they like their coffee piping hot….I got you.
  9. Atomic Habits Book, $14: I personally think that every stocking should include a book and this will be something I always do for my family’s stockings. This book is a classic, and will absolutely change the person’s life you gift it to IF THEY READ IT. We had to include it, and coincidentally there is something to go along with it, a bit further down.
  10. Lessons in Chemistry Book, $15: Not into self growth, don’t worry. Here is another great book. I personally haven’t read it, but on Amazon it had over 246,000 reviews. I will probably purchase it for myself haha (weirdly as I look over at my Kindle, it is currently the picture on it – a sign perhaps haha)
  11. Hair Clip, $20: One thing I specifically remember my mom including in my stocking each year was always something for our hair. Whether it be headbands or clips or ribbon, I feel like there were always really pretty hair accessories. So, I had to include just one that looks beyond gorgeous and would make any girl happy to receive.
  12. Yahtzee, $8: I love a game and think that it is something that has become a bit lost, so this year I am including games in all of our stockings and Yahtzee was at the top of the list. I grew up playing this game with friends and family, but the best part is that you don’t need a ton of people to play. You can do as little as 2, up to however many. The price for it really can’t be beat in my mind.
  13. Deck of cards, $5: Continuing on with my game theme, a deck of cards is such a great idea for a stocking. One, when you need a deck of cards, you need them, but two there are TONS of games you can play. Whether this be with friends or by yourself, I think a deck of cards is a great affordable, stocking stuffer.
  14. Portable Speaker, $20: Now, this isn’t the fanciest portable speaker, but it will get the job done and I promise the person will use it a ton. We carry ours all over – for workouts, working in the yard, tailgating…they are so easy to use and who doesn’t love some good music? This one is waterproof, as well, making it even BETTER.
  15. Candy, $Various: I didn’t link up any candy, but please make sure you put some candy in whomever’s stocking you are stuffing. And make sure you know their favorite. Holiday candy is the best and only comes around once a year.
  16. Gift cards, $Various: Another GREAT idea, is including giftcards to their favorite places. You can do a variety of price points with this, but I think if you aren’t sure what to include, a gift card is always a great idea.
  17. Chapstick, $Various: I didn’t link this up either, but everyone can use some chaptstick. Find their favorite and include it in the stocking.
  18. Taco Goat Cheese Pizza Game, $8: One last game idea for you. I’ve played this with my nieces and nephews and it is super fun. You can play with adults or kids, but it is another great, affordable option.
  19. Bambas Socks, $13: I LOVE these socks and look forward to finding them in my stocking every year. They hold up super well, are great for workouts, and are super comfortable. I essentially only wear this brand now and absolutely love it. The original link in the title is for a woman’s pair, but if you are needing one for men, HERE YOU GO
  20. Underwear, $18: Yes, not super exciting, but sometimes Santa needs to bring the essentials – chapstick, socks, underwear…..
  21. Bubble Bath, $15: This is one of my favorite bubble baths. I love the smell and have bought it over and over again.
  22. James Clear Habit Journal, $22: If you are interested in getting the journal to accompany the Atomic Habits book, I mentioned above, this would be it. My husband actually uses this journal and loves it. He has bought multiple and continues to use them everyday.
  23. Portable Phone Charger, $18: I have heard everyone needs a portable phone charger. I personally don’t have one, but maybe Santa will bring me one this year? These are great to take with you on long days where you may not be able to get to a charger, or for travel. I think about concerts, sporting events, long car rides, flying, etc. Always good to have on hand.
  24. Favorite Snacks, $Various: Another important component of any great stocking (in my opinion) is a few snacks. During the holidays there are always fun options, so feel free to include a few.
  25. Milk Frother, $8: This is another great idea and good to have on hand item. We use our milk frother for wayyyy more stuff than just milk. Any powder substance that is being added to a liquid can be mixed with this and it mixes it wayyyy better than shaking something or using a spoon.

Well friends, I hope this helps you with your last minute shopping needs and getting those stockings done so now all you have to do is RELAX. As I mentioned above, if you are needing some ideas for kiddos, feel free to leave a comment here and I am happy to round up some more ideas. I will try to share Arabella’s stocking stuffers to give some options for those toddlers.

I hope your holiday season is going wonderfully and you find this helpful!




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