How to Tackle Thanksgiving with Ease: Your Week of Guide

Since I created a 6 week plan for Christmas (read it HERE), I thought it would only be fitting to create one for the week of Thanksgiving because once again, the holidays can be stressful and instead of stress, I want you to be enjoying and soaking in every second with family and friends. Today’s post, I am going to cover from today (Monday) up to Thanksgiving morning and this is assuming you have done nothing except for the fact that you know people are coming. We will also assume the only time you have off for the week, starts the day of Thanksgiving!

Now, personally I LOVE hosting Thanksgiving. I did it for the first time last year and I had an absolute blast and I truly think that can be contributed to the fact that I prepared ahead of time. You will still have a busy week, but I am going to try to break it up in bite size pieces as much as I can.

MONDAY BEFORE THANKSGIVING: We need to plan what we are making and have all of the recipes, make our grocery list, clean our guest bathroom (the bathroom anyone will be using that comes over), plan our/our families’ outfits, and begin thinking about your table set up.

TUESDAY BEFORE THANKSGIVING: Finalize our grocery list because after work or after the kids go down, we will be getting all of your groceries in case we have to go somewhere else on Wednesday to pick up anything last minute, and we will clean the rooms (just dusting) our guests will be flowing in and out of.

WEDNESDAY BEFORE THANKSGIVING: Last minute grocery shopping will be done today (prepare yourself, all stores will be crazy), we will clean our kitchen (just wipe down all surfaces), and we will bake our desserts (I know, it’s a lot after working, but you got this!)

THURSDAY, THANKSGIVING: In the morning vacuum the rooms your guests will be in and set your table, then we get to cooking! I like to start cooking early because many things I can make ahead and put in the fridge before I need to bake them later on. PS don’t forget to turn on the Thanksgiving Day Parade!

I hope this guide helps a bit. I know it is a lot if you are working, but just take it one step and try to enjoy as much as you can. I think having a plan takes out so much of the stress.

Here are a few more tips:

+ Set a timer for things. The cleaning for each evening shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes because we aren’t doing a deep clean, just a wipe up, so set that timer to keep you focused and on task

+ Delegate when you can. If you have people in the home that can help you, give them appropriate tasks

+ Cut out what gives you more stress –> like I am sure your home is cleaner than you think, so if that is too much on your plate, don’t worry about it. You are always the biggest critic on yourself.

+ When you make your menu, also plan out what you will cook first given how long certain things need in the oven and what can be made ahead, but set aside until its time to bake

Good luck my friends!! Send me lots of pictures of your beautiful Thanksgiving spread!




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