My Favorite Pregnancy Essentials for Second Trimester

If you saw my Instagram you are now aware that WE ARE EXPECTING! We are so excited and I can’t wait for this next stage in our lives. I am currently in my second trimester and doing well! This pregnancy has had a few ups and downs as they all do, but now that it is my second I have learned a lot and get to go into it with some experience which is always helpful.

So today, I wanted to share some of my absolute essentials for second trimester. Now maybe this will be helpful to some of those new expecting mamas or maybe you will find something you like even if you are a veteran.

First up is one of my FAVORITE pregnancy items and is an absolute essential for all expecting moms and that is a good body butter for the belly. I use the Skin and Senses Fearless Body Butter with scent because I absolute love the smell. This is $29 and lasts a good bit of time. You can even go on a subscription which is so great. One thing I have to say about using a belly butter is: PLEASE DO IT. My sisters told me I didn’t need to because stretch marks are mostly genetic (which is true), BUT you never know how your personal body will respond and while there is nothing wrong with a stretch mark, I would say that was one of the harder things I dealt with postpartum. Because, while they do fade, they don’t go away. Now, some of us may just be prone to get them and that is okay, but I do think a good body butter can help at least minimize some of that.

Next is a good pregnancy pillow. Now, during my first pregnancy I got one of those massive curly-q pillows that takes up half the bed. What no one tells you about those pillows is one, they get hot and two it is increasingly difficult as you get bigger to get out of them because you don’t have any abs, so this go round I went with a different type and you guys, I am obsessed. This is the one I got and I love it so so so much! It is only $34 and what I love about it is that it is small so doesn’t take a ton of space and that it gives the perfect amount of support on either side. I can easily turn over with it too, which I love. There is definitely something to be said for these smaller pregnancy pillows and I wish I had gotten one of these the last time.

Next is my favorite pajamas set. I have this set in so many colors and styles, but it is seriously my absolute favorite. It is so soft, holds up great with washes, and will be perfect postpartum with breast feeding because of the button down top. The style I linked is one of my favorites but you can also find it in long sleeve and pants or long sleeve and shorts orrrrrrrrr short sleeve and shorts haha. I have been talking about this pajama set for two years now and trust me when I say, it will become all you want to buy.

Fourth is my favorite pair of leggings. I have been wearing these leggings for so many years and I know they are an investment, given the price, but I wear them constantly. I love them for pregnancy especially though because you can not only workout in them because the band stays up and around your belly, but you can also wear them with sweaters or tops for outfits. If you want to be able to wear them through your entire pregnancy I recommend going with your normal size (typically you size down in these, so for example my normal size would be a 6 and I size down to a 4, so for pregnancy I would buy a 6). For me, I notice a slight difference postpartum when I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight, but nothing major. I do wear my typical size in these (size 4) for quite some time in my pregnancy and technically you can wear them all the way through, but the band starts rolling down. So, up to you! I have one or two pairs in 6 and the rest in 4 (I have like 5 haha). But definitely check them out!

Next is my absolutely favorite prenatal. I absolutely LOVE this brand for their vitamins and have been using them for years now. What is also great is that post-baby they also have a post-natal so you can get all those extra nutrients for postpartum, as well. Their prenatal formulation is lemon flavored too, so if you are super nauseous in the beginning or throughout your pregnancy, it can be a lot easier to take because of the citrus. Click HERE to get $15 off your first order!

Lastly, is a good cup. So, I know, I know. We see these everywhere. Everyone has one. It is almost annoying. I personally did not buy myself one, but was gifted one because I didn’t believe in the hype, but for pregnancy…OMG. So, when you are pregnant I feel like you want all of your drinks ice cold. Everyone friend I have that is or has been pregnant, can agree with this, so having something that keeps your drink cold for a super long time and is extremely convenient to drink out of, is a game changer. I personally now want 6 of these Stanleys after just having my one. I love it and I carry that massive thing everywhere with me.

I feel like I haven’t had to use a ton of different stuff just yet which is nice, but these are definitely some of my top faves. If you are pregnant or have been pregnant, I would love to hear your top recs too!




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