My First Ever TCD Community Event

For today’s post I feel like it is only natural that we highlight one of the most important events of my blogging journey and that is beginning a monthly community event! Honestly, I had always wanted to have community events, but I was pretty nervous as to what exactly would happen. Would anyone show up? Would it be fun? Where would I have it? These were all questions I asked myself that kept causing me to hesitate.

At the beginning of this year, I knew I wanted to begin having community events to help foster the exact thing that I craved so badly when I first moved to Charlotte, NC. As an adult, it can be hard to create new friends and meet people you feel like you can connect with, so creating more of a community where people felt not only welcome, but also could feel free to talk about successes, difficulties, and everything in between was something I truly strived to develop.

For the first community event, I felt like having it at Bar Method made perfect sense. When Melani, the owner of the Charlotte location approached me, I couldn’t have been more thrilled and it felt like it all fell into perfect alignment.

So, we did my favorite workout together while laughing and having SO MUCH FUN – the exact thing and feeling I aim to create within this space for all of you. It also ended up being my 100th class, which truly was just icing on the cake for me.

I am so excited to hold another and thank you so much to all of those who made it out. It was an amazing evening and filled me with so much pride and happiness.




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