How to Avoid the Let Down After Vacation

Hi hi! I hope you all had an awesome weekend! We got back yesterday afternoon and I was SO exhausted yesterday. I feel like the home-bound travel day after a trip is always such a bust. I never have any energy for anything and I am always so exhausted. Anyone else feel that?

Personally, I think it is the return home that always makes “going back to reality” so difficult, so today I thought I would give you some of the tips I use to make this process just a bit more enjoyable. I feel like this not only makes it easier to come home, but it really helps with a seamless work week, as well.

  1. Do as much of your laundry as you can ON YOUR TRIP. Now, not everywhere you stay will have this as an option, but for us, we were staying at my parents, so I just did as much laundry as possible the day before we left, so that most of what is in the suitcases can just be put back into drawers and closet. This gives you one less thing to stress about when you are trying to get back into the flow.
  2. Before you leave, plan to have a few groceries and a meal for the day you get home, and for breakfasts/lunches the next day. Nothing is worse than having to go to the grocery store the day you get back from a trip (it really annoys me haha). So, in doing this you can really save yourself. I also feel like having a meal planned for that evening when you get back is super helpful because otherwise I feel like you just get more takeout which is the last thing you want after having eaten out the entire trip.
  3. Unpack same day you get home. I suck at this, but my husband is really good at it and any time I have done it with him, I always feel better. Otherwise, my luggage just sits around getting moved and shoved in different places until I finally get to it.
  4. Cut the trip one day short to give yourself a re-center day. I love having the day before a long trip and the day after a long trip, off. Sometimes, it doesn’t work out that you can do this, but when it does happen, I feel like it makes coming home so much easier and happier. I then spend that day getting the groceries, meal planning, doing whatever laundry I need to, and cleaning the house. I feel like this grounds me so much!
  5. Plan your workouts and meals for your return. For many, people on vacations or trips in general, don’t focus too much on their workouts or their eating, so when they get home, they realize how crappy they feel from all the good food and lack of movement. I know for me, I always feel fat after vacation which isn’t necessarily true, it’s just that I haven’t moved my body like I normally do or eaten as healthily as I prefer, so I just feel BAD. Knowing my workouts are set and my meals are planned really helps me feel more in control and helps to immediately brighten my mood.

I hope these tips help you after your next trip and let me know if you have any tips you use, that I didn’t include! Happy Monday!





  1. Alyssa
    April 20, 2023 / 2:43 pm

    Love these! I think the best remedy for the post-vacation slump is to have another trip planned soon after – it’s a great motivator to get things done!

    • thechicdelight
      May 28, 2023 / 9:37 pm

      Totally! That is definitely a great point and I think having something to look forward to always helps!

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