5 Tips to Holiday Decorating for the Minimalist

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Happy Friday my friends! I hope you all have been having a good week. Ours has been fairly good, except for Arabella getting sick. Sick babies are just the worst!

As many of you know, we did most of our indoor decorating this past weekend, and something I tried to emphasize this year was keeping things more minimal and I love it. One of my sisters actually brought the idea to my attention and after doing some research, I really loved the idea of keeping things a bit more simple and not as overwhelming.

I think what is important to remember with decorating minimally for the holiday season is that it isn’t about having any decor at all, but more about using pieces you love, and using less. Essentially, you are emphasizing quality over quantity. This decor style also emphasizes bringing the outside in which I think is something that has become a bit lost over the years.

Aside from loving the aesthetic this decor style provides, I also love that it takes some stress off of the holiday decorating, hopefully easing a little bit of the stress we all experience during the holiday season. So, let’s get into it.

Bring the Outside, In

I thought I would start with this as my first tip since we have already touched on a bit. This means that instead of using things like reindeer and Santas to decorate your home, you use greenery and flowers and things you can find right outside your door. Bringing the outside in creates a very cozy and charming feel, not to mention using live decor can boost mood and make your home smell amazing!

Buy a Few Quality Items

This next tip is one of my favorites because it helps remind us that we don’t need to buy more in order to make our homes feel cozy and ready for the holidays. In fact, you don’t really have to buy anything if you don’t want to! However, if you are like me and enjoy purchasing a few things for the holiday season, just keep in mind that quality over quantity is best. Buy 2-3 items max for the holiday season and ensure the are items you really, truly love, that way, when next years rolls around you will be sure to want to pull those pieces out again.

Quality over Quantity

I think I am making this pretty clear, but just in case I wanted it to have it’s own section. Keep in mind quality over quantity in all aspects of your holiday purchasing and decorating. So, as I mentioned above, only buy pieces you really love, AND when decorating, only put out pieces YOU REALLY LOVE. That way, when you look around your home, you only see things that bring you joy and happiness.

Memories Speak Louder than Things

This is one of my favorite little reminders and that is that the decor in your home doesn’t dictate how special a holiday season is for you and your family. Instead, it is the memories that you create and cultivate that you will look back on. So, I don’t want to this tip to add more pressure to your holiday season in thinking you have to do more activities and event. Instead, I want you to think of this with the bottom line that spending time together during the season is the most important thing you can do. To make this simple, maybe choose 1-3 holiday things you will do this season like go look at Christmas lights, or bake cookies, and keep it at that. For everything else, just make time for the people you love. Cook meals together, have a family game night, watch a holiday movie. Keep it simple and affordable, and most importantly MANAGEABLE.

Do What Feels Best for You and Your Family

My last piece of advice and my most important piece of advice is to take these tips and make it your own. Maybe you just keep things a little simpler this year than last year, or maybe you go all in on minimalistic holiday decorating…either way make it how you want. I think so often we get stuck in certain lanes thinking we have to do it that way, but you don’t have to one bit. I want to encourage us all to find and do what works best for us and our families because that is exactly what is meant to be and that will take off so much pressure and stress. Take what you like, leave what you don’t (such a great motto)!

I hope these tips helped y’all and if you are curious as to what minimalistic holiday decor looks like, I am putting some inspirational ideas here:




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