Gift Guide #2: Gift Ideas For Couples

Okay friends! Here is another gift guide for this season that was requested. This one I actually really like because it is one that took me some thinking. But, I feel like I found and/or thought of some good ideas, so hopefully it is helpful!

Let’s dive in!

  1. Giftcard to favorite restaurant, $25-entirety of meal: I feel like this might be a no brainer, but in case you didn’t think of it, this is a GREAT gift idea for a couple. Even if you can’t cover the entire meal, that is okay. All couples no matter what stage of their relationship need a good date night and having a gift card eases that financial burden and encourages the couple to take time for them
  2. Nintendo Switch, $300-$350: This is definitely a pricier option on the list, but I think it would be a super fun gift idea for a couple and would give them something to do together or with friends. Toss in a few fun games and I think all couples would enjoy playing together. I really think about this for parents especially…the kids go down and the parents get to play!
  3. Cooking Classes, $89-99: John and I were once gifted cooking classes by his sister and I absolutely lovedddd this idea. We had so much fun cooking together and getting to meet other couples. Not to mention you get to eat some really good food and learn a few things in the kitchen. We did cooking classes through Sur La Table, but I am sure most cities have places that offer them, as well.
  4. Gift Basket, $50-$150: If you are wanting to do something with a little variety, a gift basket is always a nice idea. You don’t have to go crazy, just pick up 4-5 things, a basket and some tissue paper. Many places have gift baskets already made that you could pick up or you can make your own like I mentioned above. Think maybe a bottle of wine or any drink really, some candy, maybe a magazine or two, a snacky item, and you could add a small giftcard like mentioned above or you could put a candle to make the home smell good. There are lots of options with this, but most important just keep it simple and easy for you.
  5. Wine Chiller and tumbler gift set, $140: Another bit on the pricier side, but I think this gift is such a great idea. Not only can you use the tumblers separately (we take ours on walks, sitting out on the porch, etc), but then you also have a way of keeping your wine chilled without it staying in the fridge or on ice. Here in the south, this is clutch during the summer for sure because of how hot it gets here, but regardless, I think this is a super fun
  6. Fellow Clara French Press, $135: John and I have this after seeing a friend with it and I can say it is one of our most favorite purchases. If the couple enjoys coffee this is an amazing gift that they will enjoy every morning. This type specifically is insulated so it keeps the coffee nice and warm compared to other French presses you may find. It also is 24 oz which means you both can enjoy two 12 oz cups or about two small cups if you are like John and myself. I love this product and highlyyyyy recommend.
  7. Board Game, $25-50: John and I love a good board game. During covid we accumulated a few, but some nights we will pull one out and play just the two of us. One we currently have on our list is Settlers of Catan, but there are so many out there. I think many couples would enjoy a board game that they can play together or with friends!
  8. Time, $Priceless: Sometimes, a couple doesn’t really need a gift. Sometimes, time spent together is the best thing you can offer and I feel like it goes unnoticed. Have them over for dinner or meet up for dinner. Keep it simple. If you are looking to save a bit, have them over for a mid morning coffee. You can make a sweet treat (I personally love a coffee cake which I buy a boxed one from the store for about $3.99). It is super simple and will be enjoyed and remembered so much more than a gift.

I hope these ideas were helpful and let me know if I can help with your holiday shopping in other way!




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