Five Favorites: February 2022


I can’t believe it is February. Like, where is time going? Honestly.

I told John yesterday that I just couldn’t believe we are halfway through February. Part of me feels like the year is flying, whereas the part of me feels like New Years Eve was eons ago.

Nevertheless, your five favorites are here and I feel like I rounded you up with some good ones.

New around here? Welcome! Five favorites is a blog post I write each month covering 5 of my current favorite things with typically feedback from my mom and sisters. The “things” can be physical items, recipes, concepts, life hacks, places, etc. but they all have one thing in common which is that they add to your life in some way.

Now, let’s get into it.

  1. Today, I thought we would start off with some advice from my momma. As we know, she is never short of a good ole life hack which is what I am going to share with you today. This came up while we were discussing how to keep your house clean. You see, it is hard for me to take 4-5 hours and clean my entire house all at once. First of all, that’s a large chunk of time with a baby, but that is also exhausting. When I asked her what she use to do with us four girls, she said she simply would do something every day. So aside, from putting away the dishes, and doing a vacuum run every couple of days, her suggestion was to take 15-20 min and do something quick each day. For example, one day you dust your entire downstairs, the next day wipe down the counters and clean the toilets in all of your bathrooms, etc. This way, your home is always presentable at all times and then once a week take a larger chunk of time (1-2 hours) and do the bigger stuff that needs to be done.
  2. Number two was recommended by my sister Krista and that is the Lululemon Belt Bag. At just under $40 this bag has quickly become one hot item and I can understand why. It is the perfect bag to throw on to run errands, go for a walk, travel with, etc. I got mine for Christmas and absolutely love it. Basically, it is the FANNY PACK of the season. Convenience is back baby!
  3. This RECIPE comes in at number three from my sister Andrea. I personally haven’t tried the recipe, but I can say that anything claiming to be pretzels like Auntie Anne’s definitely deserves to be on the list. To be clear, Onge is pregnant soooo that may have skewed her choice (haha!)
  4. Number four is a recommendation from yours truly and that is my new favorite FRENCH PRESS. My friend Laura introduced this French press to me and as soon as I saw it in person, I knew I had to have it. Not only does it keep your coffee hot due to its insulated walls, but it is shatter proof, has coffee and water lines for the perfect ratio, and looks like a dream on your counter. Safe to say I am obsessed and it is worth every penny.
  5. Lastly, for number five I thought I would leave you with something I have started implementing myself and I think it truly made a difference in my day…after I pour myself my cup of coffee from my amazing French Press from above, I walk outside and sit on my porch in the sun for 10-15 minutes. I leave my phone inside and I just sit and listen to the birds, watch the squirrels chase each other, savor the flavor of my coffee, feel the breeze and sun on my face…it feels so good to just be present. Ideally, I would do this everyday and do it before looking at my phone, but no matter when I can do it, it always feels SO GOOD. I feel calm, collected, and fulfilled each time I do it. Plus, there are so many benefits to getting that extra vitamin d, too.

I hope you enjoyed this month’s top 5! I am really starting to love these posts!




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