11 At-Home Valentine’s Day Ideas

Hello hello sweet friends!

I hope this post finds you well! With having a baby, going out for dinner for Valentine’s Day might no quite be an option, so today I thought I would cover some super fun at home Valentines Day ideas in case you aren’t quite feeling the usual dinner and date night combo.

  1. Game night – grab a few board games, a nice bottle of wine, and some good snacks and have a night of friendly competition. Perhaps winner gets a prize??
  2. Make pizza at home – I haven’t done this in forever, but it used to be my absolute fave. Trader Joes sells delicious pizza dough and all else you would need is some of your favorite toppings. You could make your own personal pizzas, or tag team on big one!
  3. Movie night – grab an old classic movie and pick up some movie theater popcorn – yes this is a thing and John and I do it allll the time. Just go to your local theater and tell them you just want to buy some popcorn and snacks (obviously, get a large).
  4. Sushi night – I love some good sushi take out. I don’t know why, but sushi sounds like such a date to me. You can laugh over how good you both are with chop sticks
  5. Make a super fancy dinner together (or as a gift) and get dressed up to enjoy – one year John and I did Valentine’s Day in when I was living in DC and it was such a romantic night. We cooked steaks, crab cakes, and a few sides. I made appetizers and dessert too. Only condition, was to show up in style. I lit a few candles, played some Bossa Nova radio and it was perfect. We talked the night away.
  6. Travel the world – you and your significant other can decide on where you want to travel to (Mexico, Italy, Paris, etc) and cater the entire meal to this location. Have everything from cocktails to dessert be inspired by the location you choose. Maybe, you can end the night by planning your next trip to that exact location.
  7. If you want to include a few of your friends, you could do a progressive dinner where each of you host a certain part of the meal – one house hosts the appetizers, another the main course, and lastly the dessert!
  8. Have a wine tasting – make some appetizers and you each choose a bottle of wine, or two or three, to taste at home. You could put paper bags over them and do taste profiles. Make sure to stay hydrated haha
  9. Decorate cookies or cupcakes together – you could get a ton of super fun toppings, different colored icings, just make sure the icing stays in the kitchen 😉
  10. Speaking of cookies, number 10 is a bakeoff. Who has the better recipe?
  11. Do a Valentine’s workout together – couples that sweat together stay together

I hope you enjoy these ideas and let me know if you use any of them!




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