New Year Necessities 2022

Happy Sunday my friends! In tying in to yesterday’s post, I thought it would be imperative to include some of my (can’t live without) New Year essentials. We can’t honestly create our new year intentions and uphold them without getting a fewwww necessary items, right?

No no no. This is wrong. We need nothing to start the New Year, besides ourselves and a fresh perspective, but I thought it might be fun to create a blog post on some of the things I buy every year and then a few items I think will enhance your New Year, as well. We will get specific, why I like it, how I use it, etc.

  1. New Agenda: This may actually be an essential to you. For me personally, it is a must for the New Year because I always prefer to write things down versus putting them in my phone. Anything I can do to get away from my phone these days. I like this specific one. I have used this agenda for probably four years, this being the fifth and I think it truly is the best. Not only can you get super creative with it’s aesthetics, I like that it has different variations with the personalization to fill your needs. I order the “Life Planner” size A5 and get the weekly layout. I prefer the weekly layout because of the three boxes. One, it makes for easy agenda decorating which is something I am going to get back into and two you can separate the day out into three areas then. I do, plans for the day, health/fitness, and blogging, but you can choose anything!
  2. Diffuser: This is obviously not something you buy every year, but it is something I use everyday or at least every week. I like to turn mine on in the morning, choose a scent for the day – maybe I need some “stress away” or feel like I am getting sick, so I throw some Thieves in there…it just depends. I got this for Christmas and know it is priceyyyyy but its gorgeousness will blow you away and the fact that it comes with so many oils makes it 100% worth it. I turned mine on this morning and have the calming music on and lights. Let me tell you, it’s a vibe. Regardless, essential oils help in so many ways, if you are more curious about this let me know on my latest IG, we can do a separate blog post.
  3. New Pair of Workout Shoes: This is another must for me every year. Because I workout (more walking for me as of late), 4-5 days a week, I change out my workout shoes every six months. December/January is always the perfect time (the other being the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale) to get a new pair. When we don’t change out our shoes we can actually cause physical damage to our joints and bodies. The shoes lose their support through wear and tear, so it is super important to change them out and get new ones. I always notice a difference in my body when I get a new pair. I personally think the Brooks does a great job in creating versatile workout shoes. I love this pair for a few reasons. One, it is neutral but can get dirty versus a white shoe, second the price point is perfect, and thirdly you can do all types of training in these – running, hiit training, walking, lifting, etc.
  4. Notebook: I am always making to do lists, jotting down ideas, writing concepts for the blog, so having a new notebook for each year is crucial. I use this to take notes if I go to an event, am listening to a podcast, take a class, etc. It then also holds my menus for the week, grocery lists, home to do lists, etc. I use it as a catch all and I always find it fascinating to go back each year and see everything. I am linking one I like, but I think you should make this an intentional and fun process. Go into a store you like and pick out your notebook. Make it fit your style, splurge a little, you’ll be carrying it around all year, it’s important that you absolutely love it.
  5. Daily Read: I absolutely love this daily devotional. It is a simple read that is focused on seeking joy and happiness in the simplest ways. I read this book every year but have always missed days, weeks or months, so I am excited to pick it back up this year and hopefully get through each day. I always learn something new and love the calming and earthy way Ban Breathnach writes. I grab my fresh brewed cup of coffee, this book and a pen every morning and sit in my favorite chair and read the day’s devotion. It is a simple routine that always helps to start my morning off perfectly.

I hope this helps you to set your New Year up with intentionality. I always love getting these new items each year and they are sort of my non-negotiables at this point. Like, we have to have a new cute agenda each year. It just brightens your day and makes those busy weeks just that much easier. You know?




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