Wednesday in Review: Uppa Baby Vista Stroller

Hello hello sweet friends!

I hope you all had a fabulous long weekend. We definitely did, although somehow I felt like it still wasn’t long enough. Now, we are in the midst of a short week and it feels like it is the longest week ever! Arabella gets her first vaccines this week, John’s traveling for the first time in forever, and we are leaving Arabella for the first time for a date night. All in normal life, no big deal, but in mom life…ha! Totally different story.

But, enough about me. Let’s get into this week’s review.

So originally, I was planning on sharing my review of the Elvie Breast Pump, however I am currently in discussion with their customer support team about an issue I was having so I would like to wait until we sort that out before I give you my review, because this discussion may change certain aspects.

As a result, I have decided to review something else I think well worth the discussion and that is the Uppa Baby Vista stroller (this link is their product page for all of the specifics).

Uppa Baby Vista V2:

Why We Like It:

  • Pieces that clip in and out easily – this makes transitioning in and out of the car so easily. Plus, the Mesa car seat clips in perfectly, so you can easily take the base out and clip car seat in and go without ever having to take your baby out of something
  • Simple and intuitive design that makes it very easy for the consumer to use and understand
  • Adjustable handle bar – this is clutch if you are tall like my hubby and me or if you and your significant other are different heights because you can shorten it or lengthen it based off of who is pushing
  • Comes with both bassinet and toddler seat, so you can easily transition once your baby starts growing
  • Bassinet is the perfect place for your sleeping newborn – Arabella literally takes ALL of her naps in this stroller and it is so great because you can easily just push it around the house to wherever you are at so you can always have your baby close by. I even have friends who use theirs at nighttime too because it is the only thing that their baby sleeps WELL in
  • Package includes a storage bag, rain shield, and bug shields for both toddler seat and bassinet
  • The bumper bar on the toddler seat unclips on one side and swivels up making it super easy to put your little one into the seat
  • Walks like a dream – I have been putting the miles on this stroller these past couple of weeks and I honestly find it super easy to walk with, even over rougher sidewalks and gravel
  • Lots of additional accessories available for purchase, like the base for the bassinet if you would really like utilize it for all your baby’s sleep needs (little side note, this base/stand can then be transitioned into a hamper!)
  • Large storage bin underneath that you can easily place bags (holds up to 35 lbs), jackets, blankets, Poseys….. (haha!). It even has a few cup holders down here as well for water bottles or kids cups.
  • You can easily transition this stroller for two children – the stroller has the option to seamlessly become a double stroller with the purchase of certain adapters. This is great if you are planning on having more than one little because it means you don’t have to buy a new double stroller. The most you would have to purchase is an additional toddler seat.


  • It is expensive – we were very fortunate in that we got this stroller as a gift, so did not have to pay the high price it comes at. There are many other strollers on the market that would be much more affordable. With that being said, we both agree we would pay it ourselves if we knew what we know now. The fact that she takes all of her naps in it and sleeps soundly, is enough to pay the price
  • Weight – The base of the stroller is a little heavy in my opinion and because it folds up a bit awkwardly, this can make it difficult to place in and out of the car, which leads me to my next bugaboo…
  • The base of the stroller folds up a bit weird making it difficult to pick up and transition in and out of the car. John just picks it up from the side, but because it is heavier, that is hard for me, so I sort of have to take a minute to figure out the best method for picking it up
  • Storage – because you have the bassinet and the toddler seat, there is a bit you have to store. Babies come with a lot of stuff, so if you are tight on space, this may not work for you given that at any point you will have to store one of the pieces. They do fold down and you do have the storage bag it comes with, but definitely something to think about
  • No built in cup holder – you all know I have to have my coffee, so not being able to have any sort of place to put a cup or anything near the handlebars was a bit frustrating. On the flip side there is a place for cups in the storage bin underneath and you can purchase cup holders from them. I ended up getting this stroller organizer, however, and love it!

Overall, we are extremely happy with this stroller. We would absolutely buy it again, and feel that while there are a few facets we don’t love, none of them are deal breakers for us. I think they did a great job in thinking about what different families might need and making as many options available as possible. This stroller isn’t a one size fits all, and I love that.

I hope this review was helpful and please feel free to leave your questions below.

As always, this review was not sponsored in any way.




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