Recent Amazon Purchases: August 2021

Hello hello. Happy Wednesday my friends and happy September 1st! Can you believe we are already in September? I really can’t. I feel like this year has flown by. Like, wasn’t it January just the other day? September definitely holds a special place in my heart though because it is actually my birthday month! Not sure how I am going to celebrate or what that looks like this year, but regardless it is going to be a great month.

Anyways, per your request, I have compiled some of my favoriteeee recent amazon purchases.

I think you are really going to love these items and let me know if this is something you all would like to see more of because as you know, I am here to serve YOU!

Don’t worry though, for those of you that wanted the Wednesday in Review of the Elvie pump, I have it coming for you right up, next Wednesday, so stay tuned.

Now, this list is going to be a little mixture of everything because we all shop happy on Amazon, wouldn’t you agree?

Like, what do we even buy?

I swear each time an Amazon box shows up at our door, John is like “Seriously? What random weirdness did you buy this time?” Honey, relax. It is all stuff we need. Am I right, ladies?

Lounge Set: You guys this lounge set is everythingggg. I ordered it because I needed something I could wear casually around the house on days I just didn’t feel like pulling myself entirely together and this set is it. It is under $25 and comes in a ton of colors and is super comfortable. Best of all, it looks so cute. I shared it on stories yesterday and multiple of you messaged me wanting the link. Now, come to think of it, I think I might just go on ahead and order another…

Daily Planner: This was a fairly recent purchase I found courteous of Caitlin from Southern Curls and Pearls. With having a new baby it can be hard to get everything done I would like to get done. Some days, I am lucky if I can accomplish just one thing off of my to-do list, so everyday I make a little goals sheet with three things on it. Those are the things I would like to get done if at all possible and then I have daily to-dos, and then to-dos that would be an added bonus. So when I saw this daily planner on Caitlin’s IG stories the other day, I thought they would be the perfect way to keep myself focused each day. It has a section for priorities, to-dos, workouts, and even a doodle section which is perfect for me because I am constantly making notes to myself. The planner is under $8 and I have used it everyday since!

Baby Stroller Fan: While fall is right around the corner, summer temps will be lingering here in Charlotte until mid October or so. With that being said, I didn’t even know something like this existed until I saw a girl pushing her stroller with one attached. I knew I needed one immediately. This fan is under $20 and is seriously a life saver for us. It easily wraps onto the stroller rails, car seat rails, sits upright if you want it to stand on it’s own…its perfect. Before, we couldn’t really take Arabella out on walks because it was too hot for her (one time experiencing a hot baby is enough thank you), but now, I just easily wrap this onto her stroller, cover it up with a swaddle blanket and away we go. Plus, the pink with purple propellers is beyond cute, don’t ya think?

Swaddle Blanket: Speaking of swaddle blankets, these have also been a recent purchase. They are so so beautiful and I use them for everything! From covering her car seat or stroller when we are out to using on a cold changing pad…they are literally everywhere around our house. They are a bit on the pricier side, but in my opinion, absolutely worth it for the quality and how pretty they are. Would be a perfect shower gift too!

Book: John and I love to read and one of our favorite genres is “self help” or as we call it “self growth.” This book came as a recommendation to us, and in all honesty we have not finished it yet, but have found it extremely insightful and an excellent read. It helps you to look inward and discover why you do certain things the way you do or why you act in a certain way. It is a real insight into who you are which is extremely helpful. John and I always want to be of the “growth mindset.” There are always things we can do better and in reading this book we have gained a lot of emotional intelligence surrounding our thoughts and actions.

Hatch Restore: Personally, I don’t know why it took us this long to get one of these. If you value your sleep, which I know you do because who doesn’t, then you absolutely 100% need one of these. Not only does it tell the time, but it can also help you to fall asleep and wake up more peacefully and soundly so that you are more rested. As new parents, it is Arabella’s night sound machine and our nightlight for diaper changes at 1:00am which in and of itself makes it worth it. It is $129 but comes with tons of different features including tons of sounds, light variations, and sleep stories.

Well, that is it for now friends! Like I said, if you like these, I am happy to do more because 2:00am feeds makes this momma click happy haha.




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