Wednesday In Review: Le Prunier Oil

OMG, do I have a product for you my friends.

But, seriously. You are going to run, not walk on over to Le Prunier’s website and purchase their plum beauty oil after this post because it is a game changer, holy grail product that I will not go a day without moving forward.

Okay, okay. Let me explain.

Originally I heard about this product from my mom. She was going on and on about how great it was and told me she was going to get me some to try because it is that good. Fast forward a few months after using the product and it’s safe to say I’m in love.

Here is why we are obsessed with this product:

  1. Price point – For 30mls, you can get this product for $72. This is insane to me, you guys. If you know me, then you know my skincare drawer is packed to the max. Like, thank God John loves me because the amount of money I spend on skincare is ridiculous. I have bought it all from serums to moisturizers and in all honesty, I feel like I am just getting started on my skincare obsession. As a result, I have spent anywhere from $250 (sorry babe #truth) on a product, to $5. Typically, the higher demand and better a product is, the higher the price point which is why when I found that this product only cost $72 and yields amazing results, I was floored. Like, I bought two bottles floored.
  2. Results – maybe this should have gone first, but I felt like that price still surprises me! Regardless, let’s get into what we really care about: results. Obviously every product will affect everyone differently. What works for me, may not work for you, but I personally noticed a big difference with my skin from this product. Two of the standouts were smaller pores and improved all over brightness. This is the first product I have noticed significantly smaller pore size on my skin and I couldn’t be happier. The brightness has also been a game changer, especially after having a baby. Like I have no shame in going barefaced which is pretty new for me. Other improvements include dewier skin due to better hydration and significant enhancement of the dark circles under my eyes.
  3. Female founded – we all love a small business, but even more exciting is a female founded company by three SISTERS. I love supporting women owned businesses (nothing against the males, but ladies you know where I’m coming from) and I love even more that this one was created by a group of sisters. The siblings created the product from their family farm that began in 1916 by their great grandfather. If you would like to read more about their story, you can head here.
  4. Plums – This product is created from plums which seems to be a newer concept in skincare, however they are packed with fatty acids and antioxidants making your skin glow, maintain hydration, and firmness.
  5. Sustainability – the product is vegan, cruelty free, organic, and free of artificial additives which we love

Clearly, this product is pretty amazing and I am fully obsessed, but like I mentioned before everyone’s skin is different. Issues I have noticed with this product? The only problem I have is that the product does sell out given that plums are only season during a certain time of the year. As a result, they can only make a certain amount of product during each harvest. So if you want this product, I would buy now and buy two haha.

Please let me know if you use this product and if you like it or not! I am personally obsessed.

I hope you enjoy these reviews. Let me know in the comments section below and happy Wednesday!



**This post is in now way sponsored or affiliated with Le Prunier


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