Transitioning from Summer to Fall: Decor Edition 2021

Ahhhh…Autumn is here and I couldn’t be more excited because that means fall is right around the corner!

Now, I don’t know about you, but personally I feel like August and September are a littleeeee too early to begin full fall decor. Like, I am not quite ready to pull out the pumpkins especially when I like to carry my fall decor through November too.

I am, however, ready to start switching up the decor, but the question is how? How do we begin introducing fall without going full pumpkin over load?

Girl, I got you covered.

I scoured Pinterest and found some great colors and textures that are perfect inspiration for this transition period when you aren’t quite ready for fall, like I am. I think they can be seamlessly transitioned with some of your summer pieces…

**Images are not my own**

The Color Schemes:

I love how these colors give me an earthy feel. They can easily be combined with the neutrals, yellows, pinks, blues, and greens of summer, but they add a little bit of extra depth. When I was looking for Autumn inspiration, these are the colors that began swirling together. Add in some creams, blacks, and whites, and it becomes a total vibe.

The Materials:

The materials I began theming together included pampas grass/wheat, eucalyptus, olive branches, and wild flowers. I love how all of these can add a beautiful aroma to your home but also add in lots of texture. They can easily be added in a multitude of ways and never seem repetitive. For example, you could use eucalyptus on the fireplace, in a vase on your counter, as a table runner, or hang in your shower at home.

The Inspiration:

Use these photos as inspiration for you to style these textures and colors in different ways. These are just a few examples of some of the ideas I found and loved. While some of these photos do have pumpkins and leaves, you can easily leave them out, OR you can include them if you are ready! If you would like to try different additives that are not pumpkins, some ideas could be oranges, figs, pomegranates, and/or pine cones.

I hope you enjoyed this post and that this helps you to seamlessly decorate for Autumn. Feel free to mix in some game day decor as well, as you know I will be! If you use any of these ideas, please make sure to tag me so I can see what you have come up with! I personally will hopefully get to do a little decorating this year, but I am trying not to put any pressure on myself with the little one! Happy Monday!




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