2021 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Hello hello my sweet friends. You have officially survived another week and this Friday couldn’t be sweeter because today I am going over all things Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

Every year I just giddy thinking about this shopping event. Like, seriously. And as I spread my shopping joy, I am always amazed as to how many people still don’t know about this monumentous event. So, for those of you that aren’t shopping addicts like myself, let’s start from the top….

First of all, the anniversary sale is held by Nordstrom, one of my personal fave department stores out there. It is held every year in July and is essentially one of the best shopping events of the year. The reason for this being that Nordstrom essentially brings in numerous of their major brands and showcases this year’s top fall items early AND at major discount prices. We are talking STEALS people.

Nordstrom Sale 2018

Need a new pair of booties for next year? Or perhaps a new fall coat?? This is the time. On top of this year’s falls necessities, Nordstrom also releases numerous essentials at major discount prices too. Are you starting to follow now?

Okay, now that we are all on the same page and you are beginning to understand the gravity of this situation, let’s get into the specifics.

You’re first step in preparing for this amazing shopping event…go check out their preview. This is something new and makes shopping the sale so much easier because when you enter the store, you already know what you want/need. Why do we like this? Well first of all, things sell out quickly. There is no time for leisurely shopping when shopping the anniversary sale. You must get in and hit the ground running (which at 37 weeks pregnant should be super interesting…). If you won’t be shopping in person and instead will be shopping online, you can actually create a wish list ahead of time, so that when it is your day to shop, you can check out quickly and efficiently.

Nordstrom Sale 2019

Now, that we know what we want, we need to figure out when we can shop. Below I have included an image to figure out when you can shop.

Nordstrom gives priority to those of us that have a Nordstrom card. With that card, you are given a category based off the amount of money you spend each year at the store. This is also why it is super important to know what you want because depending upon when you can shop, will also determine the items they still have in stock. Things do sell out unfortunately. They do a prettttyyy good job of restocking, but it is something to be aware of.

If you don’t have a Nordstrom card, don’t worry. You can still shop when the sale goes public on July 28, or if you want a little preferential treatment (I always do!), you can sign up for a card ahead of time and will immediately be considered an Influencer status so you can shop July 16.

Now, I know you all are so beyond curious as to how I shop this sale..well…ahum. Let me give you the deets.

Given that I am not new to this major shopping event (I think I may like it more than Black Friday..say what?!?), I have a very thorough plan I follow…

  1. Prior to the sale: Make list of needs/wants. For example, am I looking for a new pair of designer denim (always, I buy a new pair each year), or do I need a new fall coat? Maybe I got rid of a pair of boots this year and need to replace them….you can even get down to bras, underwear, and socks, which I, personally do.
  2. Preview sale: I have scoured most of the sale at this point. I have not looked through ALL of the clothes yet, but I have big plans for this weekend to do so. It is superrrr great to be able to do this because in years past, it is typically just an add that has a few of their most exciting pieces in it, so you never really knew what all would be included.
  3. While previewing, add to wish list: I literally add anything and everything I like and then tailor it all down. It is sort of like packing – throw everything on the rack and then see what you really want to take.
  4. Shop day: My personal fave. I shop in person and then do some online as the sale continues (I always find things later).
Nordstrom Sale 2020

Some things to keep in mind…

  • Things do sell out, as I mentioned, but keep you eye out for restocks and people doing returns
  • New things get added each day – this is especially true for the beauty products from what I have found
  • Watch influencers instagram/shop their LTK – I know I don’t have an IG right now, but find your favorite influencers and watch their stories during this time. They typically shop at the very beginning so will do try ons and can show you things you may not have thought about or didn’t look as cute online. I personally, will be sharing here in on the blog, and most likely on my own Like to Know It

I hope this helps you guys and please leave any questions below! I will be sure to answer right away and stay tuned for all my favorite picks for this year next week!




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