21 Halloween Quarantine Ideas for 2020

Okay guys, so this was my original post I tried to write over the weekend, but lost, so let’s try this again haha. All I was trying to do was to provide you all with some quarantine friendly Halloween ideas!

I know in so many areas of the country right now, Halloween has been cancelled…well not here! We are keeping it alive and well, my friends!

BELOW, I have rounded up TWENTY-ONE quarantine safe, friendly, and SUPER fun Halloween ideas. I swear guys, these are some of the best yet. I scoured the internet and no where can you find as many fun and easy to implement ideas. These can be used with friends, as a family, or for a great date night.

1. Halloween themed dinner and movie marathon – guts for dinner with a side of vampire blood anyone? (ie spaghetti and wine). Use your creativity for this one, but I am sure Pinterest has loads of ideas!

2. Costume fashion show using only the supplies you already have in the house – best costume wins! I love this idea if you have school aged children. I think they could come up with some amazing ideas. Just make sure you have a great prize for the winner!

3. Socially distant driveway hangout – invite a few friends for some Halloween themed cocktails and apps

4. Pumpkin carving contest – it is never too late to carve a pumpkin! Even if that means the day of Halloween

5. Halloween candy taste test – okay hear me out on this. Buy tons of discounted Halloween candy and rate all your faves! You could even spice it up by wearing blind folds and seeing if you can name the candy! Beware though…may cause sugar high!

6. Bake Halloween cookies while dressed up in costumes – I love this idea. Personally, I was thinking of decorating some sugar cookies. You could get icing and sprinkles…oh what fun!

7. Halloween music dance party – Pretty sure spotify has some LIT Halloween playlists

8. Halloween candy “Easter” egg hunt – I love the idea of finding a cute Halloween decoration to hide candy in!

9. Gingerbread bread house but make it Halloween – don’t worry I found them at Costco! Haha

10. Walk around the neighborhood and find your favorite Halloween house – you could also add an extra layer to this by making it Bingo and/or making it a bike ride. Wear costumes if you feel so inclined!

11. Halloween game night with a fun movie in the background

12. Neighborhood  trick or treating – this one does require some coordination…essentially check in with few neighbors you feel comfortable with and  ask if they wouldn’t mind making up some trick or treat bags. You could also do a different variation of this by getting some friends together and doing a drive-by trick or treating where you get in the car and drive to 5 or 6 different houses to trick or treat at

13. Socially distanced cul-de-sac party

14. Outdoor Halloween themed competition –  I love the idea of a zombie run, “blood” drinking contest, pumpkin carrying race, etc. If you need more ideas, feel free to message me!

15. Make a haunted house out of forts

16. Go out to dinner or to the mall in your costumes

17. Pumpkin chucking contest – whoever throws their pumpkin the farthest wins!

18. Harry Potter marathorn via projector – to make it extra special you could sit out under the stars

19. For my adults – wine tasting followed by a sweet Halloween treat and spooky movie

20. Make different trick or treat stations throughout the house or neighborhood. You could even make it a scavenger hunt!

21. Halloween crafts!

I hope you all enjoy these ideas and please let me know if you try any  of them!







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