My Favorite FREE At-Home Workout Pages on Instagram


Happy Monday friends!

I hope you all had a great weekend. I had a nice few days off, which was absolutely much needed. I feel refreshed and ready to take on the week.

Today I thought I would share my favorite ways of getting a good workout in from home and for FREE.

I love a good at-home workout. John and I love it so much that we are creating our own home gym. If you have been following my stories on Instagram you know we have been slowing accumulating all of our equipment and we are ALMOST there! We got a large majority of our equipment this past weekend and I can’t wait to share it with you all. Now, we are just saving for some of our larger pieces like our squat rack and Peloton. I am so excited!

Clearly, I like a home workout haha. Okay, let’s get started.

These are all on Instagram and via their IGTV. Most of the accounts do live workouts you can join in on, too.

  1. @kayliecranefitness – Kaylie is an ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer located near my hometown back in California. She does offer monthly subscription workouts, in addition to her free workouts. I have done loads of her workouts and they seriously always kick my butt. Most of them are very minimal equipment and require limited space. Her music is great and she does most of the workouts with you. She also always provides modifications, which is super helpful.
  2. @aub_llegosfitness – Aubree is actually from my hometown and turns out graduated the same year as me, from my sister high school. Her workouts are more pilates focused and cause more of a cramping/burning sensation versus Kaylie’s which are more Hiit style. I think of those barre workouts where you literally have to stop before you whole leg cramps up haha. She definitely knows what she is doing and has some SERIOUSLY killer workouts.
  3. @barrys – This is Barry’s Bootcamp main instagram page and they did a brilliant job by allowing their instructors to create free, at home, full body workouts. They are TONS of videos on their page and each one is always a good sweat session. Equipment is very minimal (most of the time none is required) and I love the variety of their trainers.
  4. @keonihudoba – So, this is actually one I HAVE NOT tried personally. I am constantly switching up my workouts, so I do one or two IGTVs a week and I have been pretty stuck on the top three, but I have heard his workouts are great and total killers. He indicates in his captions what part of the body you are working out and don’t tell John, but he’s not bad to look at either! Haha
  5. @kimkellyfit – This is another I haven’t tried YET, but really want to. I was looking through her IGTVs and she has plenty of at home workouts that look like so much fun. Plus, she trains one of m favorite bloggers so if she is good enough for Lauryn, she is good enough for me!
  6. @rachel_fitness – I discovered Rachel through a makeup account I have been following and love her. She is super entertaining to me and I mean has total body goals. She has posted a workout almost DAILY since March 17! I mean…say what!!! I can only anticipate that if you have been working out with her since then, your body would be freaking BANGIN! BUT…it’s never too late. That is 6 month’s of workouts…think of what you are going to look like for summer!
  7. Pinterest and Youtube – I thought I would throw these in there, because I think they can easily get overlooked. I have used both of these platforms to look for free workouts, especially if I am wanting something specific like boxing, yoga, or a band workout. Pinterest will lay the workout out for you and I like that I just have to follow the directions. Then Youtube is great because you can follow along with the workouts or use it craft ideas of your own.

I would love to know if you guys have any other favorites you use? These are my top favorites and I love how they all keep my body guessing. Incorporate some cardio (running or hiking) and by bar pilates, and working out has no become a no brainer!

Have a great Monday!




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