Hey guys,

Long time no talk.

Like, seriously. What happened?

Does anyone else feel like they’ve been thrown into an alternate universe where nothing in life makes sense?

I think we can all say we have been through a lot. All of our struggles look different and I know these past months have been experienced by us all, in different ways.

With quarantine, you would think I would have been drilling out the content. So many of my friends and colleagues have been – and beautifully at that. Honestly I was caught a little off guard when my safe place (i.e. this blog), was no longer where I wanted to spend my time. It seemed silly in the grand scheme of the world and I just wasn’t interested. What was frustrating, was that instead of just accepting this phase in my life, I felt like I let you all down and I kept feeling like I let myself down.

For example, I would go to post or write and my mind went blank. It was so annoying, but I just felt like there wasn’t much more I wanted to say.

Hindsight, I now know that I was experiencing a lot of anxiety around the situation (like I said, we all have had different experiences), and because of my feelings of insecurity, I was unable to enter my creative space. Now, I feel fortunate that I was able to take time away because I can’t imagine the pressure and the stress of creating content through the experiences our world has seen. I have so much respect for all of the content creators that have adapted in such a beautiful and unique way during this time. Let me tell you, friends, it isn’t easy! But, I am truly proud of them.

It wasn’t until recently for me, that I began to reflect on my own blog and why I didn’t feel the comfort to post in a space I had created for myself. It made me sad and I didn’t understand why I couldn’t feel the motivation or ideas anymore. However, after some writing and conversations with friends, I realized that perhaps the issue wasn’t that I wasn’t interested anymore, but more so that I hadn’t been showing up for you in the best way I know how…

Most of you don’t know that before I started The Chic Delight, I had a fitness IG account. It still exists if you would like to see it at www.instagram.com/tcdfit. The name before that was actually Wrkoutqueen. I began it with one of my close friends and truly enjoyed the content and community, however, when I moved to Charlotte from CA, I felt like it was time to pivot. The community reminded me too much of home and what I was missing out on. My personal community (friends and family) followed me there and I followed them, so each time I logged on, my constant feelings of homesickness and loneliness became magnified in a massive lens.

I  just wanted things to go back to the way they used to be, but they weren’t ever going to be, so I took what I had learned and decided to start a different community. But, this account, was going to be slightly different in that instead of a fitness account, I wanted to start a fashion one…so I developed The Chic Delight.

What’s interesting now though, is that what I felt so in tune with before (my fitness account), has now come back to me. While I don’t feel I have lied to you (these are my words after all!), I do feel like I haven’t been my most authentic self. And, evidently, it took me a massive pandemic and multiple world-wide movements to understand and accept that I feel more in-line with that world.

I love fashion, but I love being a nurse and working out and becoming a better me, more.

So basically, what I am trying to say is… that The Chic Delight is about to look a bit different…

While fashion and deal finding and try-ons have been my focus, you will now see a different perspective. Honestly, I think you are going to love it! It truly aligns with who I am and actually reflects a lot of what I have shared in the past. The Chic Delight will remain under the same name, but now, it will have a different focus of content including more nursing information, health information, fitness information, and overall self improvement. Think of it as us coming together and just trying to become healthier versions of ourselves – and when I say health I am not just talking about physical health.

I am excited for this transition and I hope you guys are too!

If there is any type of content you are really looking to see, then please let me know in the comments below, but otherwise stay tuned for some exciting content!




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