Week 2: Menu and Workouts


Workout Outfit: Wear Figs

Okay guys, I am a little bit behind, but I thought I would serve you up with another week’s worth of menus and workouts! I hope these are helping you a little bit when you get stumped. Use it for your entire week, or take what you need!


  1. Lasagna – if you don’t have your own recipe for this, we love Stouffer’s. They have different family sizes. You can find it in the frozen section of your local grocery
  2. Sautéed Shrimp – you can put this over pasta, over a salad, by itself with some veggies and rice..whatever you prefer
  3. Turkey burgers – I just buy turkey meat and shape them into burgers. I eat mine without a bun and some guacamole, but you can do it with a bun and some sweet potatoes
  4. Nachos – easiest recipe ever coming at you –> put frozen chicken, a jar of salsa, can of corn, and a can of black beans in the crockpot. Cook on high for 2 hours. Chicken will shred easily when cooked. Then put it over chips and add some avocado, cheese, olives, and sour cream!
  5. Baked chicken – I used chicken thighs with bone in seasoned per your preference, bake at 430 for 45 minutes and flip half way. I added rice from the instant pot and sautéed spinach
  6. Fajitas – take skirt steak and cook on the grill, add bell peppers and onion also cooked on the grill and then we heated up our tortillas there too. I made a rice pilaf and then added guacamole and cheese!



  1. Hill repeats – I love this as a workout. Ease yourself into it with maybe 5-6, but I just run to a hill close by and then you run up at about an 80% speed and then grandpa jog back and repeat. Run back home and you can finish with 4 ab exercises, two rounds each
  2. 8 exercises, 45 seconds, three rounds with 30 seconds rest between each round. You can choose any 8 exercises but here is a good option –> 1. Donkey kicks  2.Jump lunges 3.Mountain climbers 4.Burpee 5.Side shuffle with jump throw (think of shooting a basketball) 6.In and out squat jumps 7.Straight leg sit ups 8.Banded Star Jumps
  3. 4 exercises with 400 meter run in between for four rounds – For the exercises, I did more controlled lifting, but if you don’t have any weights here are a few good options –> 1. 15 declined push ups (feet go on something elevated – a chair works fine, hands go on the ground so you are at an angle 2. 24 lunges (12 per side) 3. 15 burpees 4. 20 roll ups (a weight helps with these and or doing them on a step)
  4. Online class – all about supporting those trainers and gyms so that when we open back up I can still sweat at my favorite places
  5. Longer run – just take it easy, enjoy the weather


Enjoy and let me know if you try anything!




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