How to Celebrate Easter Quarantine Style



Happy Wednesday guys!

Today I thought I would share how John and I are celebrating Easter amongst all of the quarantine craziness. I know it is a hard time and many want to sit back and forget about the holiday all together, but not the Wilson family. This year, I planned out a fun three days to make the holiday feel special and exciting even though it will be just John and I.

Now typically for Easter John and I would be celebrating with one of our families. Sometimes we fly back to California to celebrate with my family, whereas other times we celebrate with John’s family. It typically just depends on how busy this time of year is for us and what all we have planned. Prior to quarantining, our plan was to celebrate with John’s parents in South Carolina.

Because we have always celebrated with family, I personally have never hosted or prepped for Easter for myself. I figured what better year than this one to do a mock hosting with just John and I where the only person I need to impress is my hubby (which typically isn’t too hard haha).

To get in the spirit, I decided to string out the holiday over a few days starting with Friday evening. When we go back to California, we get to watch all of the kids do so many fun things and get so excited, so I thought that even though there aren’t any kids in our household, we would still keep it light and fun. As a result, Friday night we are going to color eggs and drink wine! I used to love coloring eggs as a kid and I couldn’t think of a better Friday night date idea.

Saturday is going to be our “family meal” day. Sunday it is scheduled to rain here in Charlotte, so in order to enjoy the nice weather, we are going to have our family dinner on Saturday. Now, I don’t know about your family, but mine always eats around 2pm on Easter, so that is when we will eat too. I am going to try my hand at a ham, green bean casserole, rolls, pasta salad, and something sweet for dessert is on the menu. We are also going to dress in our Sunday best because I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite traditions about Easter is wearing my EASTER OUTFIT. Typically, I buy something new for Easter, but this year I will just be wearing something I already have. You know it is going to be cute though!

After dinner and dessert, I am keeping the spirit alive with an Easter egg hunt! I know John and I are older, but the idea of hunting to candy-filled eggs brings me just as much joy as an adult, as it did when I was a child. I mean, who doesn’t love candy?? Once again, since it is just the two of us, we are going to hide eggs for each other. I will have one color, John will have another. I haven’t quite ironed out all of the logistics just yet, but I will definitely share once I do.

Sunday will be a little bit more low key. Every year on Easter my momma would make cinnamon rolls, so we will be having those in the morning followed by a church service we stream online. The rest of the day isn’t planned, but it probably be spent relaxing and enjoying the rain.

I hope this plan helps all of you to keep the spirit alive. I know it is easy to act like it isn’t happening, but in all honesty, I think we need Easter more than ever. Will it look a little bit different this year? Yes, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make it fun still.

Thinking of you guys!




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