Week 1 Menu and Workout Plan


Hi guys!

New idea coming at you. I know we are all at home cooking more (Lord help us all) and worried about gaining the #quaranfifteen, so I thought I would share what we are making each week and our various workouts to hopefully help you all out! If this is something you like, in the future I can also include my grocery list, as well. But, before you read on, I want to mention that WE ARE supporting restaurants still partaking in carryout and delivery during this time. Both John and I’s parents are self-employed with one of them actually owning a restaurant, so seeing how this affects someone first hand who has worked so hard, has us emotionally involved and willing to help where we can.

*These menu items are in no particular order, so feel free to arrange as you see fit, and I have not included sides or recipes. If you would like to know what we made with these or their recipes, feel free to comment below, email, or direct message me on Instagram


  1. Take out
  2. Chicken Pot Pie
  3. Stew
  4. Tacos
  5. Chicken Kabobs
  6. Chicken Parmigiana
  7. Hamburgers and Hot Dogs

*John and I are aiming to workout 5 days a week. You can do more or less, whichever works best for you and your life!


  1. Long run (over 3 miles)
  2. Sprint drills – 10 x 200 meter (we just stepped out 200 meters because our track closed), followed by 4 x 25 meters of german walks (low lunge walk – basically you never stand upright)
  3. Online workout class – because so many fitness studios are closed, this is the best way to help them so they can open back up again in the future. I currently use my Burn one
  4. Arms and Abs workout – John and I did a circuit of this…here is a good option Repeat both circuits twice
    1. Circuit 1 – 7 minutes (as many rounds as possible)
      1. 15 Bicep curls (you don’t need weights, anything heavy will do)
      2. 40 Mountain Climbers
      3. 15 push ups
      4. 25 toe taps
    2. Circuit 2 – 7 minutes
      1. 15 tricep dips
      2. 30 russian twists (weighted or not)
      3. 15 shoulder press
      4. 20 straight leg sit ups
  5. Two Mile run followed by circuit work – we did legs, high intensity, and arms. Choose 4 exercises, and repeat circuit 3 times


I hope this helps you all! I will try and share as many of these as possible. Thinking of you guys and stay positive!




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