My 2020 Valentine’s Day Ideas

I was thinking about writing a fun post on date ideas, or cute outfits, but I feel like instead of focusing on gifts, occasions, and overall spending money, I thought I would fun to write about how to give love this season.

We so quickly forget that we all need some extra love in our lives. It is human nature to crave affection, touch, and attention and I feel like as the world continues to change and develop with a more digital focus, we are losing our ability to give, receive, and acknowledge our need of love. Not to mention the fact that WE ALL NEED LOVE, not just those that are in a relationship.

So grab your favorite Valentine’s Day Candy, a good glass of wine and perform THREE of these recommendations this Valentine’s Day.

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How to Spread Love this Valentine’s Day Season:

  1. Pick up the phone and call a friend you haven’t talked to in at least a month – this means someone you haven’t texted, called, or seen in person.
  2. Give 24 hugs in one day – we need 8 hugs at least a day to maintain normal life connection (no wonder I am so God Damn need), so I am encouraging you to give out THREE TIMES that. I don’t care if there are repeats. Added bonus? Make at least half of those hugs last for 20 seconds (here’s why)
  3. Call a grandparent.
  4. Donate any amount of money to a charity of your choice
  5. Plan a girls’ night
  6. Pick up any trash while you are out and put it in the trash can
  7. Offer to babysit for a friend – human or pet! haha
  8. Mail your nieces and nephews something sweet
  9. Call your sibling and just check in
  10. Offer to have your mom and dad over for dinner
  11. Cook your significant other’s favorite meal
  12. Go for a walk with a friend
  13. Smile at EVERY SINGLE PERSON YOU SEE in a day
  14. Give out 15 compliments to other women
  15. Say please and thank you to anyone that assists you, no matter how big or small
  16. Carry on a conversation with any type of service worker you come across over four days – mail, amazon delivery, grocery store, nurse, medical assistant, secretary, etc
  17. Buy a friend flowers
  18. Offer to bring a friend over dinner – extra points if you make it
  19. Write 5 love letters (letters full of love, encouragement, and positivity to whomever may find them) and hide them in public places – grocery store, book store, around work, department store, etc. Still confused about what I’m talking about, head here.
  20. Don’t talk badly about anyone for a WEEK – no gossiping, no making fun of, no words of criticism. Only positive words.
  21. Say three things you are thankful for every morning when you wake up and every evening before you go to bed
  22. Prepay for someone’s coffee order
  23. Buy three $5 gift cards and mail them to friends or family
  24. Volunteer for an event – could be at your kids’ school, for the animal shelter, at church, etc.
  25. Bring in someone’s trash bins
  26. Your CHOICE – maybe you have an idea of how you can spread love, this is a pass for you to choose

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Okay, guys. Now, I want you all to pick your three and then let’s do them this week, during the week of love! I will let you all know the evening this post goes live what my three are!

I am excited for this and I think about all the love this could possible spread and it makes me so happy! You guys are seriously amazing.




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