5 Easy Thanksgiving Table-scape Ideas


Hi sweet friends and happy Monday! I had the best time catching up with friends and family and doing all of my favorite things while I was home. I hope you all had a great Halloween and I have loved seeing all of your super fun pictures celebrating!

Today, I thought it would be fun to share some great ideas for a Thanksgiving table-scape. We will not be hosting Thanksgiving this year, but I am definitely thinking of doing it next year. Regardless, I love setting my table for certain holidays, despite no one actually using it haha. I think Thanksgiving and Christmas are by far my favorite. If you are interested in seeing last year’s Thanksgiving/Fall table-scape, you can check it out here!

Otherwise, stay tuned because I have rounded up some of my absolute favorite’s from Pinterest. I think what I love about these is that you can make the table as intricate or simple as you would like. Day-to-day I keep mine pretty simple, but there are definitely some things I would love to add with each passing season.

Let’s get started though. I am going to share my top 7 favorites, and why I love them. Also maybe even on some ideas to make it your own too, without needing to buy tons of new stuff and/or breaking the bank.


First is this simple setting from sbkliving.com. I love how Kasey styled this one with the black and light wood contrast. You could easily do it with any color, however depending upon what sort of dishes you have. The gingham napkins make for a fun contrast, as well  when you combine it with the cute pumpkins. Personally, I think what makes this table, is definitely the candlesticks in the middle. It adds a romantic element that I think we all want during the holiday season.


I was not able to find the original creator of this beautiful tables cape, but it is another that is so romantic and ethereal to me. The first thing I am most drawn to, is that it is outside by a beautiful fireplace. It makes me think of the smell of a cracking fire, excellent company, good wine, and a very late night full of laughs. However, if outside isn’t an option, I think it would be just as beautiful inside too. Given that the table has a lot of character here, no table cloth or runner is necessary. Essentially, the centerpiece is beautiful eucalyptus, something that could possibly be found with a short drive around your town, or picked up inexpensively from a nearby florist. They will just need the length of your table and how long you will want it to flow off the ends. A few gold candlesticks where then sprinkled in with the water goblets add the perfect touch of fall color.


Now, this is what you call simple, affordable and easy! I love how elegant this table is and that there isn’t much muss or fuss with it. A simple white table cloth was used as the base while the centerpiece starts with olive branches on the bottom (which can many times be found on a neighborhood walk), followed by mini pumpkins, pomegranates, persimmons, and roses. In this, I would even recommend including figs cut in half and maybe even lemons if you are look for more color dimension, but in all honesty I think it is beautiful, as is. Small voices where then sprinkled in. Simple napkins with a sprig of lavender, finish it off. For more details head, to Yummy Mummy Kitchen where she breaks it down even further.


This tablescape gives me all of the modern farmhouse feels. I love how the cinderella pumpkins are utilized on the table and the gold candlesticks look perfect when combines with the rustic table. A simple table runner is used underneath and napkins over plates act as the chargers. So simple and perfect and bound to make your Thanksgiving table feel welcoming and inviting.


This tablescape is a little more Christmassy, but I think it could work just fine for Thanksgiving this year because of how late the holiday falls. I love it because once again you can probably find most of it right in your own neighborhood. Pine branches are just laid together here with a few small floral arrangements set out as well. Small pine branches are then tied in with the napkins to bring the look together. Spring in a few votives and you have a very simple and easy look. I would keep in mind that the pine branches will dry out, so it would be important to cut them same day and keep in water only to then lay out right before guests arrive.


I hope you enjoyed this little variation of ideas for your upcoming holiday dinner plans. I really love that for many of these the items can be found right in your own neighborhood. I just bring a bucket and clippers with me. You would be surprised what all you will find! For me, in order to allow for variation with my table, I purchased simple bowls and plates, that way, I can mix and match with lots of different colors and patterns without needing to worry about getting new plates for the holiday. I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with, so don’t forget to tag me!




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