How I Spend Halloween

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Happy Hallow’s Eve my sweet friends! I hope this Wednesday finds you well. As I write this, I am currently sitting on a plane (or do you sit in a plane…I am not entirely sure…) on my way to California. This year, I have decided to celebrate Halloween with my family and celebrate my oldest nephew’s birthday with him. If you are reading this, his birthday is actually today, October 30. He is turning 9 and I am seriously amazed at the little man he is becoming.

In honor of my little trip back home, I thought I would share our Halloween tradition with you.

Now that John and I have moved to Charlotte, the tradition has been a little bit more unclear, but like Thanksgiving and Christmas, Halloween is one holiday I really struggle to be away from my family for because of all the fun we have.

Maybe it is Pey’s birthday, or maybe the fact that one of my sisters’ neighborhoods goes all out for Halloween…regardless it is definitely a hard one for me to miss.

We typically start the holiday off by celebrating Peyton’s birthday on his actual birthday, which is October 30th. My sister usually plans something low key with the family and in the past pumpkin carving has typically been involved. This year will be a little bit different because the birthday boy is actually on vacation with his family until November 1st, but none the less, I may carve a pumpkin or two…or get my nails done haha.

Then, on Halloween, I typically spend my day doing things I enjoy with friends or family. This year, Grandma and I will be starting it off right with a breakfast together. I can never go home and not make time just for her and I. After that, I will probably putz around until it is time to head over to my sister Andrea (or Onge) and Rory’s house. This year is going to be so fun with them because my niece will be there! The last time I celebrated with them, she hadn’t been born yet, and I missed last year (she was a packing peanut, it was so cute), so it will be fun to see what they came up with this year for their costumes. They are always so creative!


My sister and brother-in-law typically have a little party and it is the absolute best. There is always good food, lots of decorations, and you just feel in the Halloween spirit. We all chat and catch up and the kids go trick-or-treating. Their neighborhood is great too because it as the BEST trick-or-treating. The street typically gets closed off and we all sit in the drive way passing out candy and laughing.

Some of my best memories with my family are from Halloween and I can’t wait to experience it again this year.

In case you are curious, I do not dress up for Halloween. I am more of a eat food and Halloween candy and pass out candy kind of person. I love the idea of just enjoying the evening and checking out everyone’s costumes.

After we pass out candy, I will most likely watch a Halloween movie or Hallmark movie with my mom. Nothing scary for this girl though! Hahaha.

I know this isn’t like my typical posts, but I thought it would be fun to share one of my favorite memories with my family with you all. I specifically knew I needed to come home for Halloween this year, so it is kind of a big deal.

I would love to hear what your Halloween traditions are, so comment below.




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