My In-Flight Essentials


Holidays are right around the corner and you know what that means? Lots of traveling. We all know the holidays are the busiest time to be in the air and today I thought I would highlight my VERY SPECIFIC flight essentials.

We all have the things we can’t get on a plane without, and as I am sure you guessed, I am no different.

I didn’t get on my first plane until college and after that my in-air time slowly began to increase and has no plans of stopping given I am now essentially a bicoastal babe.

For those of you that may be scratching your heads, I currently live in Charlotte, NC but have a very LARGE family living back in CA where I make frequent trips to. In fact, this isn’t the first time I have lived across the coast from my sweet family. I lived in Washington, D.C. for about 3 years and traveled across the country frequently, given that John and I were doing long distance (if you are interested there may or may not be a blog post to go live on that whole endeavor). Thus, traveling has gotten a lot easier for me and I now have it down to a science. Below are listed my holy-grail of products that have become tried and true and absolute game changers. Shall we?

  1. Chic Luggage – My first tip on flying? Good luggage! It is an absolute essential guys and this is a non-negotiable. I typically will always pack in a carry-on if I can. The only time this changes is if I am planning a photoshoot or lots of shopping haha. My current fave and the one you will almost always see my with is this super cute one by Kelsey. I currently only have the carry-on, but am definitely eyeing the larger one, saw well.
  2. Chapstick – I hate having dry lips. I typically never leave the house without my Burts, but a new brand I have been trying and loving is also Laniege. My fave flavor? Grapefruit!
  3. A good book – I love having a good book for the plane. It is the perfect escape. My recommendations either include a great entrepreneurship/self-help book, or a great YA such as the series A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah Maas (you can thank me later).
  4. My lap top – I absolutely always get my best work done on the plane. No distractions, just pure focus. If you don’t have any work you are needing to get done, you can always watch a good movie or bring a few extra books.
  5. Something salty – If you get nauseous while flying like me, don’t worry because I have found the solution. My fool proof steps to avoiding nausea while flying include  no coffee before early morning flights (which can be devastating, I know), something extra salty to snack on when the nausea sets in. I always opt for Gardettos or Cheeze-its. Not the healthiest, but I would rather have an excuse to down some junk food than throw up while I’m on a plane. I am sure you can understand. When drink service comes around, you can get some coffee from them (I typically go with black tea because it is easier to get down than the coffee they serve haha) and ALWAYS a Dasani Lime. I used to order ginger ale and realized that was a horrible idea because the sugar would contribute to my nausea. Now, I always get a Dasani Lime and works like a charm. Lastly, Tums, an antacid, or something minty can also help to settle your stomach.
  6. A cozy “blanket” – I am always freezing on planes, so you will almost never find me without my “blanket,” which is actually a scarf that unsnaps and opens into a blanket. It is perfect because it can be worn tons of different ways and always keeps my legs warm while flying.
  7. Water – Flying can be super dehydrating, so when I pick up my salty snack, I am always sure to grab a huge water too.
  8. Magazines – This is typically my opportunity to catch up on the current trends, so I am always sure to grab a few fashion magazines. My favorites include Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and InStyle.

I hope these essentials help for your next flight and let me know if you have any questions! These are definitely my tried-and-true!




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