Your Back to School Basics 2019


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Well friends, we all know what this time of year brings – school supplies, more traffic, limited vacations, and do I see Christmas around the corner? Oh crap.

While the majority of us may not be going back to school any time soon (no thanks), I do still love a good back to school shopping extravaganza.

When I was younger my mom used to take all of me and my sisters (my poor parents and their bank account, oofta), to the mall to go back to school shopping. We would then get to pick out whatever we wanted for school and it was always the absolute best. We WERE NOT ALLOWED TO WEAR UNTIL THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL, making the whole experience that much more sacred. I can still remember pulling my new looks out from the back of the closet on the first day. Price tags were cut, hair was styled perfectly, and the idea of what was to come for the months ahead would bring butterflies to my stomach. I would always give myself one last look in the mirror and think “You got this girl.”

Well, the times don’t really change and I am still telling myself I got this and I am still wondering what the year is to bring. And of course, as any proudly raised shopaholic, I still enjoy some great back to school shopping.

For this post I decided to round up what I am eyeing for this back to school season and what I think all the cool girls will be sporting (or maybe it will just be me, #typical).

  1. Golden Goose Sneaker – Ladies, get excited because sky high heels are becoming a thing of the past. The sneaker trend is in full swing my friends and while I can’t quite seem to bring myself to do the whole thick trainer shoe bulky situation right now (who knows what will happen in the future), I am loving the Golden Goose Sneaker. While, it will set you back a pretty penny, I hear they are worth the investment in comfort and versatility.
  2. Two Strap Sandal  – Keeping it within the shoe department (don’t worry we will have plenty of time for boots and booties), I am bringing in a mule with a block toe. If this color isn’t your thing, don’t worry because this black pair with the python heel are giving me just as many heart eyes.  Picture these with skirts (long and short), jeans, date night, casual, etc. Not to mention, the height is just right giving the elongated look of the leg, but not killing your feet and back with more than a block of walking.
  3. Tailored jacket – The perfect transitional piece for Summer to Fall. This one I have personally and after watching all of this seasons’ runway shows, you are going to regret not having a tailored jacket in your wardrobe. I was able to purchase this baby in the Nordstrom sale, but personally I think this is an item that is worth spending a little more than normal. They key is all in the fit, hence the name haha. Plus, the quality and texture is perfection.
  4. Beaded tote – In all honesty, I think this trend is a bit quirky and out there, but I would also be lying if I said I didn’t like it because my 7 year old self is literally jumping up and down over this fun and fresh concept. I mean beads, check. Sparkle, check. Pink, gimme now!
  5. Long Skirt – I dedicated an ENTIRE blog post to this trend because it 100% deserved a moment, so definitely go and check it out, but in all specifics, this is the one I would purchase and it is currently on SALE! So, the price is already marked down, but currently you will also get an additional 30% off at checkout (no code required). I don’t know how long this will last, but I would run, not walk.
  6. Embellished top – Another trend that I am so loving is how tops are either super basic (think your graphic tee, white T), or they are super over the top – bell sleeves, bowes, lace, etc. Well, I knew I would want one to mix with casual jeans, or dress up with one of my new maxis and I feel like this one is absolute perfection. It is a great price, so so cute, and fits the bill perfectly for what I was looking for. I like that it is a neutral color as well, making it easy to mix and match within my wardrobe.
  7. Biker Shorts – This last trend is one I have been eyeing for quite some time wondering if I could pull it off….well you can either keep it black and basic, or you can mix in one of this fall seasons hottest trends of animal print and hit two birds with one stone! I personally think this pair (which also comes in black) is so chic, but I do have to admit, it might be pushing the limit, even for me. Here is how I picture it – first you can either workout in it and pair it with a super cute black sports bra and your trainers and get after it, or you can make it a look like many of our celebrities are doing, and add a little more pizzaz with either a larger sized graphic tee in black or white, or a larger Nike top in colors of the same. I would then throw on my golden goose shoes and call it a day! Now, I know this would have to be oh, so comfortable, which is most likely why I was drawn to it in the first place.

There you have it my friends. My back to school basics for the woman that most likely isn’t going back to school! Haha.

Real quick though, before you go, can we just briefly note how all of the seasons trends are essentially bringing back our Barbie living days? I mean…between the beaded bags, double strap mules, and over the top blouses, I feel like I am honing my inner Barbie. Which brings me to another thought, for this season, when in doubt? Just ask, What Would Barbie Do?

I’m a Barbie Girl, in a Barbie World……




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