Wednesday in Review: Toska European Spa


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Okay, new posts coming your way.

Here is the plan: Every Wednesday I give you my honest review and opinion on something.

This week, as promised (although it had been promised for last week…oops), I am reviewing a local spa here in Charlotte called Toska Spa.

I ended up stumbling across this spa because of the products they use – Biologique Recherché. I had heard about this brand over and over on multiple podcasts and was dying to try it out, however, I knew the products were recommended as a prescription, meaning it is best to get a consultation first, then get recommended the products for your particular skin needs. Not mention, the products are a bit different than normal skin care products in application and usage.

Once I realized they had these products, I decided to walk in to find out what it was all about. I was greeted by a girl working at the front desk who was extremely helpful and able to get me an appointment for that Saturday, which I was ecstatic about. I quickly accepted. We went over the spa book and I left booking a 75 minute facial.

I arrived on Saturday to be greeted by the same girl. She was so sweet and walked me to the couch to fill out an in depth guide on my skin. I was then greeted by my esthetician shortly afterwards who was very kind.

We performed a full skin analysis that is completed upon each appointment. It looks at many various factors including hydration and collagen production. Based off of these results, a physical inspection of your skin, and your skincare goals, your facial is personalized with the recommended products and type of facial you need.

Once your facial is complete, you are given a full breakdown of recommended products to use at home and provided an email on how to apply each one.

Alright. Now you know the layout, here is the real breakdown.

Let’s start with the bad first:

  1. When I booked I thought I was booking a specific facial. It was not until my facial was completed and it was double the price of the one I intended, that I was informed that you may receive any facial listed in the book during your time booked. This was pretty upsetting to me. I was already splurging on something expensive, and then I found out it was twice the cost. I also was upset that my esthetician never mentioned this either during the facial. If I had been better educated on that process, I would have gone in knowing what to expect and a little more financially prepared.
  2. My esthetician did not stop talking the ENTIRE time. She was attempting to educate me, which I was super interested in, except it was all a bit over my head and way to much information.
  3. They would like you to purchase a whole new slew of products when finished. I personally think starting someone off on the most important products and making them a converter is key. Not to mention, it was almost $300 worth of products.

The Good:

  1. My esthetician was well versed on the products and could answer all of my questions. She was very well informed, which I think is super important.
  2. The spa is beautiful. It is very well organized and very aesthetically pleasing.
  3. I truly think the products are great and I am excited to see the difference in my skin. I have been using the products for about two weeks and think they are really great. I will continue using them for some time to create a strong opinion on them and really see how my skin reacts.

Overall opinion:

I will go back. I think perhaps trying a different esthetician, now being aware of how the spa works, and pure interest in the products will get me to go back another time or two. I hate writing things off based off of a first impression, so I always give it another go. I think if you are interested in the Biologique products, this is THE place in Charlotte to try them and I am interested to see how my skin unfolds!





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