Want a Sneak Peak?

I know, I know.

There is a lot going on this summer.

Between the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (which is still happening by the way), Amazon Prime Day, Anthropology Day, Clear the Rack…it is hard to keep it all straight with everything else going on in your life.

Not to mention, if you are anything like me, you just want to know what is coming and what you need to buy…so tired of all this chit chat.

Well, babe. I’m cutting straight to the chase.

Today, I am giving you a behind the scenes, sneak peak, pull behind the curtain, (whatever) of what is coming this fall, so you don’t have to go anywhere else.

I’ve been working on translating this season’s hottest trends (runway approved) for the normal day-to-day babe so you too, can be up on it all and today I thought, why not give them a hint as to what is coming?

Let’s dive in.

After scouring all of the Fall 2019 runway shows, googling, and more googling, and researching, and reading. I have created a mastered list.

Now, know this is just a sneak peak at my master list.

So, you will have to stay tuned for how I pull these trends together and what else I am seeing, but this way you can keep your eye out and you can know what’s coming.

Alright, here we go.

  1. Animal print/colors (might have seen that one coming)
  2. Pleated skirts – many websites talk about the “bougie girl”
  3. Suiting up  – taking the basics of a suit and adding that into your wardrobe
  4. Dark florals
  5. Ponchos (so happy to see this one back)

Colors include: Mint, Jewel tones, Neons, Metals, and Purples

Combinations: Mixture of patterns with fabric texture is going to be the trend worth mastering here. I will give examples soon.

Accessories: Hats and the “micro” bag will be in full swing this fall

There is definitely more where that came from and I will be working to further expound upon this list, but I wanted to give you a sneak peak at what I’ve been compiling so you can keep your eye out for what sparks your fancy.




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