Just So You Know…


Here is a recent discovery for me…


I have realized that I don’t really know my own personal style.


I know, I know. That sounds crazy right? I claim to be a fashion blogger yet I don’t know my own sense of style. It’s true.

Let’s lay down the background.

When I started nursing school (2013) I began wondering who I was exactly. I was thrust into this new environment where NO ONE knew me. I literally moved across the country with 8 suitcases to go to nursing school in a city I had visited once during my interview. I was scared out of my mind and I remember that first day when I walked into my first nursing class it was a mix of emotions. Will they like me? Will I have friends? How am I going to do this without my support system?

It was during this time (and through a friend who has always been confident and unashamed who she was), that I began my path to self-discovery once again. It started with me wanting to find a hobby. I think this took me ohhhh…maybe three years to figure out. I tried TONS of different things. Then I moved to Charlotte, NC where at least I had one friend – my husband.

Once again my identity was threatened. I felt lost and hopeless. Hence the start of my blog which was also the discovery of my favorite hobby to date and something I still am holding on to (although truth be told, it is a bit more than a hobby).

This go round I was a bit faster in finding my footing, but it wasn’t until a recent brain dump session that I realized I didn’t really know my style. You see, I know what pieces in my wardrobe make me feel good, but I don’t know what they all have in common. I also struggle with a sense of style because with a career as a nurse, I feel like I am either in scrubs or workout clothes and yes I do know how amazing that is haha.

Do you know your sense of style?

Some womens’ sense of style of obvious and I envy them. I envy their ability to know exactly what they like. I wish I had that ability and am hoping to obtain it through the trial and error I will progress through because well…you know right that you are going to hop on this ride with me?

It is going to take time, but bear with me. I will always post what I love and I never have posted anything that I don’t like, but I want to push the boundaries a little more. I want express myself more through the clothes I wear.

I have been watching a lot of the recent runway shows and it amazes me how these designers can make something that so many of us take for granted in a true piece of art. That is what a runway show is to me – a moving art gallery where instead of you having to walk through the room to admire each individual piece, these pieces move for you. They have to move because otherwise you would miss out on part of their magic – the way they flow and move is so crucial in admiring their beauty.

Anyways, I just wanted to let you know. See if you can relate. See what your thoughts are.  I think that is why I decided to shop the Nordstrom Sale just  bit differently than times past.

I want more pieces that I love. I want to find creativity in my looks and photographs and the way I pose because that to me is fashion. In my opinion, to be a good and honest fashion blogger, you have to share a different perspective and the only way to do that is to hone in on your own personal and unique perspective.

So hold on tight. The ride may be a bit bumpy. It may have some twists and turns. It might even have a few drops and climbs. But, regardless, it will be oh, so worth it.




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