#NSale: What I Bought 2019


Well hello again! I hope you all have been purely enjoying shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale so far. It is pretty fun isn’t it? Christmas in July basically, although I think it may even be better than Christmas as far as shopping goes haha.

Before we all get crazy with dopamine, I need you to keep your heads straight and in the game – haha Jk, go crazy ladies! It’s here!!!! But seriously. I have two posts so far on why this situation is such a big deal (you can find them here and here), but for those of you just hoping on, let’s give you a brieffffff background.

Nordstrom (the shopping mecca) makes life significantly better in July by doing what no other store does – the take this season’s (that means 2019 season) fall and winter items and instead of putting them on sale at the end of the season like most stores do, they put them on sale before the season even begins! Pretty brilliant right (I mean from a marketing stand point it just makes me have all the heart eyes)? And when I say sale, I mean they are basically all 50% off. It’s freaking amazing.

So, let’s get into what is important and what you all have been waiting for…what I bought this year! I am getting DM after DM and if you would just give me a minute! Haha (but honestly this week has been…cray to say the least), but we got it today my friends!

Laura Mercier Trés Chic Face Palette: 

Original Value – $86

Nordstrom Sale Price – $ 52

Why I bought – I love Laura Mercier. I use multiple products from her line on a daily basis and I thought this palette was absolute perfection. Not to mention, I bought a palette last year and totally fell in love with it. I have already used this and am already loving the pretty colors. It has multiple blushes, bronzers, and a setting powder!


Barefoot Dreams CozyChic In the Wild Throw Blanket:

Original Price – $180

Nordstrom Sale Price – $119.90

Why I bought – This blanket is life changing. That is all I need to say. If you like cozy things like I do, then you need this and this price is ridiculous for this size. Buy it and thank me later!


Adidas Swift Run Sneaker:

Original Price – $85

Nordstrom Sale Price – $63.90

Sizing – I ended up getting an entire whole size down from my original size.

Why I bought – At first, I wasn’t sure about these because I found out they weren’t for training, but then I realized how I always wear my training shoes just to run errands or whenever I am wearing my workout clothes. I got this pair so that they will not only stay nice, but also help preserve my actual training shoes.


Eileen Fisher Zanya Sandal:

Original Price – $195

Nordstrom Sale Price – $129.90

Sizing – True to size

Why I bought – I was definitely in need of some shoes for summer and I have been admiring this style for the past few months now. I love how this pair didn’t have a super high wedge and then was a little bit different with the twists. I also loved the blush color!


Caslon Allie Wedge Sneaker:

Original Price – $99.95

Nordstrom Sale Price – $64.90

Sizing – True to size

Why I bought – I saw these and immediately fell in love. They not only looked cute with the outfit I was wearing, but they also were super comfortable. I loved the color and thought they would be perfect for running errands and some of my everyday looks.


Paige Transcend – Hoxton High Waist Ankle Skinny Jeans:

Original Price – $209

Nordstrom Sale Price – $ 139.90

Why I bought – Each year I invest in a pair of jeans. It is the perfect time to buy because you not only get a good deal on them, but you also know they are going to have your size. The pair I bought last year still look brand new despite being my favorite jeans I wore all season. Since, the pair I got last year was a dark denim, I decided to go with a nice black pant for the upcoming fall and winter season. Paige denim is also my favorite denim. They have some give to them, but they don’t stretch out. They also wash up super nicely and hug in all the right places!


Tory Burch Everly Leather Flap Saddle Bag

Original Price – $458

Nordstrom Sale Price – $305.90

Why I Bought – First, I was so excited about getting a bag this year from the sale. While I am slightly disappointed in the offerings, I was still able to find something I really love. If you have been following me for a while, then you are aware that I have a small Tory bag very similar this that is quilted pink. I got it for my birthday a few years back and constantly use it, so when I saw this bag I knew it would be the perfect addition to my closet.


BP. Lace Trim Satin Camisole Top in Black:

Original Price – $39

Nordstrom Sale Price – $25.90

Sizing – True to size

Why I bought – I love a layering piece. I immediately gravitated towards these tanks. I actually ended up picking it up in black and cheetah, but ultimately decided to only get the black. It is a perfect basic that I will definitely end up wearing all season. This camisole is currently.


Halogen Hidden Button Long Sleeve Blouse in Animal Print:

Original Price – $79

Nordstrom Sale Price – $49.90

Sizing – True to size

Why I bought – I grabbed this top because I loved the print. I thought it would be super fun for the season. Trying it on is what actually convinced me though to buy. It fit so perfectly. I loved the way it the buttons opened perfectly and I immediately just felt good in this top. Because of that, I had to do it! This top comes in multiple colors too if you don’t love the animal print!


Natori Rose Dream Custom Coverage Underwire Bra in Pink Champagne:

Original Price – $72

Nordstrom Sale Price – $47.90

Why I bought – This is an item that I feel like some people may not even think to look for because the focus can be so heavily on all of the fall items, but for me, this was definitely something I was not going to let pass by. These bras are SO comfortable and typically don’t go on sale much more than this price, so it was a no brainer for me. This is partly why I shopped the sale a little bit different this year because of looking for all of the “cute” stuff, I wanted to utilize it as a way to stock up on what I needed, bras included! This one specifically comes in a ton of different colors and may be something I grab a few more of before the sale is over.


Zella Live In High Waist Leggings:

Original Price – $59

Nordstrom Sale Price – $38.90

Sizing – True to size

Why I bought – Another thing I “needed” was a pair of simple black leggings for working out. For some reason, I have gotten stuck on pants for when I train (like I literally wear nothing else even in this ridiculous heat), so when I saw these in-store…anddddd I saw the price…and then I tried them on…I was done haha. I have actually already worn them to a workout and they were great. They come in green and black and are the perfect length on me where they hit just above the ankle (I am 5’10” for reference).


Halogen Long Sleeve Model Blend Tee:

Original Price – $39

Nordstrom Sale Price – $24.90

Sizing – True to to size

Why I bought – I was browsing through the tops and (this is why I LOVE shopping in person) I felt this top. I immediately pulled it out because it was the softest thing I had touched all day! I ended up ultimately buying because I thought it would be the perfect layering piece for fall and winter. I picture it under vests and sweaters and even wearing to work as a nurse!


Halogen Check Blazer:

Original Price – $139

Nordstrom Sale Price – $89.90

Sizing – True to size

Why I bought – I have been scouring the upcoming trends for the fall season (don’t worry, a blog post is coming) and one thing I am seeing over and over again is blazers. I knew going into the sale I needed one for the upcoming season and this one was absolutely perfect. It fit great and was tailored to perfection for my body type.


Vince Stretch Leggings: 

Original Price – $195

Nordstrom Sale Price – $129.90

Sizing – True to size

Why I bought – One thing I wear a lot throughout the year is sweaters and leggings. I love how easy it is to get my boots over the leggings and it makes for such a simple outfit, so I knew if I could find a pair I would love, they would be worth the investment. See, typically I just wear my workout leggings which is totally fine and works out great, but when I saw how good of a deal this pair was, I knew I had to try them on. Once I did, I immediately fell in love and knew I had to get them. This is another great example of stocking up on what you need and looking for the ridiculous deals because these are the types of items people aren’t buying, but in my opinion, definitely should because they elevate your wardrobe and for me this will be something I will get a lot of use out of and will last me for a long time.


BP Cozy Top:

Original Price – $39

Nordstrom Sale Price – $25.90

Sizing – True to size

Why I bought – I love a cozy pullover to wear around the house. This one was so soft and I immediately fell in love. I have a few other pieces by this brand from Nordstrom as well and have always loved them.


BP Cozy Shorts:

Original Price – $29

Nordstrom Sale Price – $18.90

Sizing – True to size

Why I bought – Well, I needed a pair of bottoms to go with my top if I am being 100% honest haha, but I also loved the cute little hearts on this. The other factor was that I only have one pair of cozy sleep shorts, so I was definitely looking for those versus pants.


Well my sweet friends, there you have it! All of the things I got from the sale. As you can tell, I definitely opted for some different things than what you might find from some of the other bloggers. There were a lot of cute items, and I will be sure to do more round-ups, but I think the key is looking for what is missing from your wardrobe. The items and styles typically repeat each and every season so if you missed out on anything this year, don’t worry because one, they typically restock after the sale and two, you can always find similar styles next year (although I know that is far away). I will definitely be pulling items I think are worth the investment though and things I think people forget about haha. I hope you enjoyed this post and happy shopping my sweets!









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