July Intentions: Part II

Happy Tuesday! As promised, today I am sharing my July Intentions with you all. If you aren’t sure why this is happening, head on over to this post to read.

About a week and half of the month has already past, but that’s okay because it is really just all about changing your thinking in the right now. It doesn’t matter when you begin your intentions, it just matters that you sit down and do them. Once they have been completed, the goal is to just take note of them and read them each and every day. They basically act as a reminder to help keep us focused on our bigger goals at hand.

In my first post, I recommended creating 3-5 from different areas of your life that you wanted to work on. I also said, that if you share them with me, via comments or DMs you would be put in the running for a Nordstrom gift card! Perfect timing too, given the Anniversary sale is upon us!

Now, let’s get into it.

  1. Read more – I love books and I love to read. I feel like I don’t give myself enough time to enjoy this simple pleasure.
  2. Less social media consumption – I get stuck on the scroll and I am tired of it. As a result, last week I dwindled down the people I follow over 500. I also have chosen on 5-7 people whom I will watch their stories. I honestly felt like because I was consuming so much of other people’s content, it made it really hard for me to allow creativity into my own space (hence a lot of my silence lately).
  3. Eat two “healthy” meals a day – I am pretty consistent with working out, but eating is definitely my downfall. It has been for a while and now it is time to make some small micro changes. For me, healthy just means “better.” I am not putting a ton of pressure on myself with this one. Small changes, result in bigger and longer lasting results for me.
  4. Be present where I am – I heard this on a podcast recently and immediately implemented. An example of this would be, while you are at work, you are thinking about all of the stuff you need to do at home, or how you haven’t been the best wife, or maybe you need to catch up with a friend. This in turn, distracts you from work and can make you feel guilty and upset. Instead, focus where you are at. If you are at work, be at work and put your phone away and give it your all. When you are home, be present with your hubby and family and embrace them fully. Just be present.
  5. Practice gratitude daily – If you are part of my Empower group (yes I am giving it a name and I love it), then you recently received some information on this. Basically, when I wake up, I state three things I am thankful for and when I go to sleep, I do the same. If you are interested in joining my empower group, comment below, email me, or message me!
  6. Count your pennies – after doing No-spend June (which I know you all need a finalized update on this, I haven’t forgotten), I realized how much randomness I was spending. As a result, I have become much more intentional on what I spend my money on. In addition, I have implemented a new money saving effort. I call it “counting your pennies.” Basically you take any “extra” money you would not be getting (i.e. you get $100 for your birthday or a girlfriend buys you your coffee which is money you would have spent) and put it straight into savings. That way, the money is actually accounted for as saved. John and I did this on Sunday when we bought our weekly groceries. We have a budgeted amount we get to spend on groceries each week. This week, we spent $25 below that. Instead of keeping it in the regular checking account, I immediately moved it into our savings. That way, the money is actually accounted for. What we have found, is that counting your pennies really adds up haha.

I hope you guys enjoyed my July intentions and I can’t wait to hear all of yours. This is a practice I really enjoy because it keeps me focused on my goals on a month to month basis versus a 6 month (or even worse, a year) basis.




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