July Intentions: Part 1


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Today, I thought I would do something a little different and share some of my July Intentions with you all. I don’t necessarily go month to month and set intentions, but it is something I have always enjoyed reading myself from others, and for some reason, this month feels like it deserves some intentions to be set. For me, my intentions are fairly easy to set due to how I set up my year in January. I make goals for myself and then I break down those goals and decipher how I am going to achieve them. Then, each month, I can reassess where I am at and what goals may need some new focusing. Now, obviously the year is constantly changing and evolving along with the ebb and flow of your life, so the goals you set in January, may be totally different in July.

But, before I do post my intentions, I was thinking that perhaps we all need to do a little re-evaluating of our lives and figure out how we can make the next half of the year a success. You all are always wanting to better yourselves, just like me, and I think what better way to do that, then to jump in this together?

So, I am going to wait to post my intentions until next Tuesdays’ scheduled blog post (it will go live at 8:30am). That gives you a week. Then, I will share a post to Instagram with a few of them. Here is the fun part though, those of you that share just one of your July intentions with me via comments on Tuesday’s Instagram post, on the blog post in comments or via direct DMs to me (if you don’t want to share publicly), will get a $75 gift card to Nordstrom to shop the Anniversary Sale (It is coming up next week guys)!

Oh goodie. I am excited.

Before we go and intention plan, I think I should share a few ways that I mull through this process myself…

  1. Find a quiet place where you won’t be interrupted and curl up with your favorite coffee or tea.
  2. Write out three goals you would like to accomplish by the end of year – these goals can be associated with anything. For me, I like to evaluate three areas of my life. For example, one goal may be business related, another related to fitness, and another to self growth.
  3. Work backwards and break these goals down on how you can achieve them. For example, you overall large goals are your end destination, but what stops do you need to make along the way to get their safely and efficiently.
  4. I then focus on a few of these stops, as 3 of my intentions for the month. One pit stop per goal for each month.
  5. I typically only give myself 3-5 intentions because I don’t like to overwhelm myself.
  6. The other 2 come from an overall evaluation of my life. Is there any areas I am missing or need to work on? For example, perhaps I want to better connect with friends. Maybe then I will put down, text a friend and check in at least twice a week.
  7. Make sure your intentions are clear and can be quantified. You want them to be as specific as possible.
  8. Keep this list with you all throughout the month. The more you check in on this list, the better and more success you will have. You know that saying, out of sight, out of mind??

If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I think you all know where to find me!




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