19 Father’s Day Gift Ideas 2019

Hi my sweets! With Father’s Day just around the corner, I thought I would do a post dedicated to all of the Dad’s out there.

Why is it that men can be so hard to shop for? I am not entirely sure, but I swear every time I have to buy for a man I get stumped. So, I did a lot of brainstorming and came up with a few fun ideas to get your Dad, husband, or Grandpa for Father’s Day.

Happy Shopping!

  1. Bose Speakers, $129 – These are great to place around the house and in the garage!
  2. Ray Bans Sunglasses, $153 – This are a classic and a super good price point
  3. Whiskey Gift Box set, $155 – Whiskey is such a fun thing to get into. Whiskey collecting reminds me of wine collecting and can be super fun to find new types
  4. BBQ Tool set, $74 – A nice BBQ tool set is crucial
  5. BUDGET FRIENDLY – Giftcards – When in doubt a good gift card is always a simple idea. They get to buy what they want and you can stay within budget easily. I think of Nordstrom, Lowes, Amazon, Patagonia…to name a few
  6. Tissot V8 Chronograph Bracelet Watch, $337.40 – A little on the pricier side, but I loved this watch. I think it would be perfect for any man, any age.
  7. Travis Matthew Polo, $84.95 – I love this baby blue color! These are some of John’s favorite shirts. They look so good on and can easily be dressed up or down.
  8. Cole Haan Grand Pro Tennis Sneaker, $91 – I loved the color of these!
  9. Bose Head Phones, $299 – These are an essential. Super great quality and perfect for travelling.
  10. TravelPro Carryon Luggage, $152.97 – This is THE BEST luggage if the man you are buying for travels a lot. The wheels are amazing, it is durable, and it fits a lot of stuff nicely. John has this and absolutely loves it.
  11. BUDGET FRIENDLY – Books – I didn’t link any here because I truly think this depends on the guy, but I don’t think you can go wrong with a good book
  12. Xcel Drylock X Wetsuit, $239.96 – For all those Dad’s out there that love a good surf!
  13. Calendar with pictures of the family/kids – definitely a more sentimental gift, but sometimes that is what it is all about
  14. A weekend getaway – Take your baby daddy out for a weekend away where he FINALLY gets all the attention again
  15. Mongoose Mountain Bike, $289.23 – This one is for the Dad that loves spending time outdoors! I have noticed that more and more men are enjoying mountain biking and this one looks like a great starter option!
  16. BUDGET FRIENDLY – Cook his favorite meal with dessert – Sometimes the most special thing is just showing you care and appreciate them.
  17. Craftsman 3 Drawer Portable Metal Tool Box, $87.99 – This brand of tool boxes is the only brand my Dad uses. I know it is good quality and would make any Dad that enjoys handy-work swoon.
  18. Tommy John Lounge Pants, $64 – I got John these lounge pants and he is seriously obsessed. They are super soft and lightweight making them the perfect PJ pant.
  19. BUDGET FRIENDLY – Fossil Wallet, $34

I hope this helped to provide some good options for that special Dad in your life. It is such an exciting day to honor all that Dad’s do for us.




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